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The major names in the modern tech industry engage in battle on a variety of fronts, and while a cloud service seems a must-have in this modern Digital Age, the social networking spectrum is considerably broader than Facebook and Twitter. Before Google+, the famed search company also had Orkut, and although its following had died out in most areas aside from certain quarters of Latin America, it was still running up until early on in July this year. It was at that point that the Big G decided to kill off Orkut for good, and with the deadline for the retrieval of data also set for September 30th, Orkut is now officially no more.

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Google’s Orkut social network, which has been edging towards the graveyard for quite a while now, is about to be killed off for the greater good, with Google stepping out and confirming that the service would be on September 30th. The site, which has remained somewhat popular in Brazil, has faded amid the emergence of Facebook and Google+, and the Big G has stressed that it would rather pool its efforts into expanding its more established networks like YouTube, Blogger, and the aforementioned G+.

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Just when you didn’t think Facebook could grow any bigger, Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild is on the verge of hitting the 700 million user mark according to Facebook stat monitoring web site Socialbakers.

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