Sony Working on Jailbreak-Proof PlayStation 3 – Report

The mega corporation has started to sound so helpless in front of the 21 years old residing at New Jersey. Not only Geohot has decided to fight back in the courtroom, he already has gathered enough funds to hire lawyers and believes he is going to win the court battle against Sony. Hotz in an interview said "Beating them in court is just a start". It is obvious, Sony wanted to send a message to Hotz by taking the matter to court, interestingly, he wants to send the message back which is like making yet another of Sony’s attempt hollow.

The helpless mega corporation now looks forward to making their device jailbreak proof. Do you think that can be done? Maybe! do you think that will be done? Probably not. In my opinion, creating and breaking the security is going to last till eternity. Security is user created, it is prone to defects and that is what helps break it. You can perhaps tighten it, but make it jailbreak proof? that’s probably not happening. PS3 when first released was also labeled as "hack proof" until last year when hackers figured their way into it.

Rumor suggests the new PS3 would replace all currently existing PS3 SKUs. However, that won’t make the device hack proof, it will perhaps make it more secure and less prone to vulnerabilities which will take long enough to implement. Rumor further suggests the device, priced at $300, is going to come with 300GB hard drive, which is a lot of space for limited content.

[Via CrunchGear]

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