The PS5 Pro Is Almost Here And It’s Going To Be Fast

There have been tons of rumors suggesting that Sony is working on a new, updated version of the PS5 and it now seems to be closer than ever to going on sale. The PS5 Pro as it’s set to be called has leaked once more with The Verge detailing what we can expect.

According to that report, The Verge has been able to get its hands on a full list of specs for the new console with developers already being asked to make sure their games are compatible. It’s thought that ray tracing will be a key focus, according to the report.

Codenamed Trinity, the PlayStation 5 Pro model will include a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU mode. All of Sony’s changes point to a PS5 Pro that will be far more capable of rendering games with ray tracing enabled or hitting higher resolutions and frame rates in certain titles. Sony appears to be encouraging developers to use graphics features like ray tracing more with the PS5 Pro, with games able to use a “Trinity Enhanced” (PS5 Pro Enhanced) label if they “provide significant enhancements.”

In terms of performance, Sony expects the PS5 Pro to be “about 45 percent faster than standard PlayStation 5,” while the GPU will be larger and use faster system RAM to improve ray tracing performance. A new, “more powerful ray tracing architecture” is also set to be used in the PS5 Pro.

However, while the GPU is getting an upgrade, the CPU isn’t, it seems. However, the new PS5 Pro will instead clock the existing PS5 chip around 10% higher.

While Sony is improving the GPU side of the PS5 Pro, the CPU will be the same as the standard PS5 but with a new mode that clocks it higher. “Trinity has a mode that targets 3.85GHz CPU frequency,” says Sony in a document to developers. That’s around 10 percent more than the regular PS5. Sony will offer developers the ability to pick between a “standard mode” at 3.5GHz or the “high CPU frequency mode” at 3.85GHz.

Other changes include faster system memory, up to 28% faster than the PS5, while developers will also get access to more RAM as well. ”

Games can use an additional 1.2GB of system memory on the PS5 Pro, so that’s 13.7GB overall compared to the 12.5GB allocated to games on the base PS5,” the report explains.

With all of this in mind, and with leaks beginning to gather pace, it seems more likely than ever that the PS5 Pro will be ready to ship this holiday season. Pricing is still unconfirmed, however.

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