Sony Demands YouTube Reveal Geohot, Fail0verflow’s Personal Details

Things are really starting to hot up in the Sony vs Geohot court case over the hacker’s PS3 hacking exploits. Now the Japanese behemoth is requesting that a federal judge orders Google to hand over personal information such as IP address of anyone commenting on a private page on social video site YouTube.

According to a Wired article, Sony also wants Twitter to release information on hackers known to have released a version of the jailbreak Geohot put together.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston ordered Hotz to remove the YouTube video and the code from his personal website — orders with which Hotz complied with last week. Ahead of an unscheduled trial in which Sony is seeking unspecified damages from Hotz, Illston had concluded that Hotz likely breached the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. He did so by publishing or “distributing” a hack designed to circumvent software meant to protect copyrighted material, the judge said.

Not content with going after Geohot, (real name George Hotz) Sony are also looking to take on the Fail0verflow hacking team, though the company doesn’t yet know who actually makes up the group, so litigation could prove difficult as things stand.

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