Show Off Your iPhone 5s / 5c And iMac Internals With These Wallpapers [Download]

Apple’s engineering team works hard to ensure that as little room inside its products are wasted and as such, nearly every square millimeter within your iPhone, iPad or iMac is put to use. With such a meticulous process involved in arranging everything, it makes for quite an eye-catching spectacle, and if you ever wondered what the interior of your machine / device looked like, but didn’t want to open it up, then iFixit has your back with a set of delightful wallpapers.

iFixit, as most of you will be aware, plies its trade in dissecting prized Apple products, and as such, knows a thing or two about treating a machine with care even when the screws are removed. If we ever wanted to have a proper look inside the iMac, or the iPhone 5s / 5c, we would basically be kissing our warranty goodbye, so these wallpapers are essentially the next best thing.

iPhone 5s 5c internals wallpaper

The go-to company for info and tips pertaining the innards of Apple products has provided neat wallpapers for both specifications of the current iMac, as well as the two new iPhones, the 5c and the flagship 5s.

Since the iPhone 5c is essentially an iPhone 5 in a plastic case, the 5s is, to all intents and purposes, its successor. But while the aluminum-clad handset does have quite a few trump cards with its 64-bit processor, improved camera and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, to name a few, on the inside, they are both fairly similar.

iPhone 5s 5c

If you can imagine removing the entire front panel from your iPhone or iMac and glaring at the hardware within, this is exactly what you get with these iFixit wallpapers, and with much care having been taken to ensure that you get an precise representation of what’s inside, this is certainly one for the true Apple fanboys.

And hey, with the brightness turned down, you might even be able to trick your friends into thinking you’ve removed your device’s display, if only for a few seconds!



If you’re interested in these morbidly geeky backdrops, please follow the source link below to iFixit, where you can go ahead and download the wallpapers right to your iPhone or iMac.

(Source: iFixit)

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