Intel: GTA 5 For PC Is Happening Soon, Console Exclusivity Won’t Last Long

We may yet to have heard anything official from Rockstar Games, the creator of the record-smashing Grand Theft Auto 5, but Intel has chimed into GTA 5 for PC release by suggesting that a version for Windows computers will indeed be happening at some point in the near future. We already heard NVIDIA’s director of investor relations slip that the popular title would be hitting the market at some point later on this fall, and although it’s hard to take anything as gospel until we hear it from the horse’s mouth, it’s certainly encouraging for the many millions waiting for that PC release.

It may well be that Rockstar is preparing the game for PC, but simply doesn’t want to get anybody’s hopes up until everything is in place and ready for prime time. After all, the title was initially slated for release during the spring of this year, and although the mightily long delay until last month doesn’t seem to have hindered sales and the general response, it would be rather risky of Rockstar to test the patience of consumers once more.


Although games almost always sell more on console than they do PC, the demand for GTA 5 for PC is certainly there. A petition over on has already amassed several hundred thousand signatures, and considering how many hundreds of millions of dollars in profit GTA 5 has made in just a couple of weeks, those signatures place a sizeable bounty on the head of the unannounced PC version.

Chris R. Silva, marketing director for premium notebooks at Intel, has told PC Gamer and that he believes GTA 5 will spread from a console-only entity to the PC market at some point soon, and although he stopped short of offering any key details, this is certainly encouraging news for GTA fans far and wide.


So, with both Intel and NVIDIA confident that Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC is nigh, we’re now left with playing the all-so-tiring waiting game, which is admittedly nowhere near as fun as GTA 5. Here’s to hoping that Rockstar comes through with an official announcement sooner rather than later, and when it does, you’ll catch all of the details right here at Redmond Pie, so stay tuned!

(Source: PCGamer)

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