Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date, Price, Features Announced, Here Are The Details

Nintendo has announced a brand new Nintendo Switch. Well, actually, the Japanese company has announced a Lite version of its existing globally successful Switch hardware, which will launch this coming September and will retail for around the $199.00 mark.

The expected retail price for the new Nintendo Switch Lite hardware is $199.99, which is an impressive $100.00 less than the original Switch hardware which offers a mix of handheld and standard console-based gaming.

The new Lite hardware will be positioned as a more affordable alternative to the main Switch unit, but, as you might expect, the cheaper version is cheaper because it comes with certain trade-offs and limitations over the more expensive Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is offered as a handheld-only gaming system. Yes, that’s right, handheld only means that you don’t get the ability to connect this to your television set for TV-based console gaming.

Additionally, the Joy-Cons are actually built right into the Switch Lite unit rather than existing as separate accessories like they do with the more expensive Switch hardware. Nintendo of America’s President, Doug Bowser, believes that the two systems can exist harmoniously side-by-side and will “complement each other and co-exist in the marketplace.”

We’re not sure how many people will purchase both of these systems but we can definitely see the appeal with the Switch Lite for families with younger children or for people who travel a lot.

Additionally, the Switch Lite is lighter and more streamlined than the original Switch. Having the Joy-Con controllers built into the Switch Lite hardware also makes it feel like you’re interacting with a more sturdier and robust piece of hardware.

Nintendo is also suggesting that the battery life on the Switch Lite is “slightly” improved over the existing hardware, which is important considering this is a handheld “only” system. Nintendo will offer the Switch Lite in Yellow, Gray, and Turquoise colors at launch, which will be the 20th of September.

There’s also a Zacian and Zamazenta Edition of the Switch Lite coming to store shelves on the 8th of November.

If you are desperate to get your hands on Nintendo Switch hardware and can live with the fact that this version won’t be able to connect to a television set, then the Switch Lite is perfect for you at an extremely reasonable price. If you need console-esque gaming in front of a television set, then you will need to invest the $299.00 in the original Switch.

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