More Than One Million Apps Have Passed Through The Apple App Store Since Launch

It’s difficult to remember what the iPhone was like before the App Store even existed. Back in 2007 when the original iPhone was launched, the App Store didn’t exist, and the only way to extend the functionality of the device was performing a jailbreak to install and run unapproved third-party applications and games. Apple quickly cottoned on to the extraordinary potential of an app marketplace and launched their official App Store in 2008, with it now being made known that one million different apps have been approved for download through the store in the last four years.

The information isn’t being provided directly from Apple and is instead coming from AppsFire who act as an app discovery company. Some Apple fans may remember the company’s latest media event in California where Tim Cook announced that the App Store currently holds over 700,000 unique apps, but it seems that the total number of apps that have actually been submitted to the review team and approved is significantly higher than the current live number.


In addition to the one million apps that have passed through the store, AppsFire have also provided some analysis on the current state of the iOS marketplace and have taken the opportunity to break down the different genres of apps that are currently available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners.

In the time that has passed since Apple opened the virtual doors on the App Store in July of 2008, nearly fifty percent of submissions were of paid nature. 493,289 paid apps have been submitted to the company in the last four years with nearly 160,000 of that total falling under the gaming category.


In its present state, the iOS App Store is home to 736,247 different apps, 336,720 of which require the user to stump up payment before downloading. It may actually come as a shock to some users that only 16 percent of the apps currently available on the store are games. The number of currently available and total submitted apps shows just how successful and lucrative the App Store has become for developers and Apple, and we shouldn’t forget that approximately 90% of those apps in the store are actually downloaded every single month without fail. Yet another milestone passed by Apple.

(via TheNextWeb)

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