PSA: Stay Away From iOS 12.4 If You Want To Jailbreak

Want to jailbreak iOS 12.4? Here’s latest status update on the state of the jailbreak that you as an iPhone or iPad user needs to know about.

Apple has officially released iOS 12.4, and, as we’d expect, the prominent figureheads in the jailbreak community are already offering advice. Pwn20wnd, the head developer of the leading unc0ver jailbreak tool, has advised jailbreakers and wannabe-jailbreakers to stay away from Apple’s latest public firmware release.

This is a tale as old as time. It’s actually quite staggering that developers and hackers within the jailbreak community feel that they need to offer this type of advice every time a new version of iOS is dropped by Apple but it seems that it’s still necessary considering how many people will be tempted to jump on iOS 12.4 with immediate effect.

Along with the slew of updates and improvements made by Apple, the iOS 12.4 firmware will also include a number of security patches designed to block certain vulnerabilities and thus making jailbreaking the firmware a lot hardware.

Pwn20wnd has taken to Twitter to suggest advise that “iOS 12.4 is now out – STAY and do NOT update if you’re interested in a jailbreak.” His previous advice from October 2018 – also offered via Twitter – should also be remembered at this time: “ProTip: Stay on the lowest version possible.” This “ProTip” is simply something that should be repeated over-and-over again as the advise never really changes whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS to the general public.

The advice is being offered because it’s a lot more likely that those involved in the jailbreak community will be able to come up with something tangible for devices running iOS 12.3 than those which have the latest iOS 12.4 release installed. Currently, there are no jailbreaks being offered which can liberate devices running iOS 12.3. Chimera and Unc0ver jailbreaks are capable of liberating the iOS 12.3 betas but not the public version.

There is no indication that that conditions will change anytime soon. Neither team has put their heads above the parapet to suggest that they have something to release for iOS 12.3.x or iOS 12.4 final versions but, as we know with the world of jailbreaking, that could change overnight. We’ll endeavor to keep you posted but, for now, the official advice is to stay away from iOS 12.4.

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