How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S8

Here’s how to take a screenshot of screen on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone running Android operating system the right way.

Screenshots aren’t exactly sitting at the forefront of cutting-edge smartphone technology, but they are a vital part of that experience for most users. Having the ability to instantly capture visual information and send it on via email, social media, or just save it onto the device for later use is vitally important to most users.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 is, of course, capable of capturing screenshots, but things have changed a little due to the removal of the Home button. We’re going to take a look at the new process in the step by step guide below.

Capture a screenshot using hardware buttons: 

Step 1: Just like any other screenshot method, you are first going to need to place yourself on the display that you actually want to take a screenshot of. That bit makes perfect sense, right?

Step 2: With the relevant screen in view, press and hold the Power button and Volume down button at the same time. Keep them held down.

Step 3: The system will then recognize that these buttons are held down and will go about its business of capturing a screenshot. A neat little bouncing animation will alert that the screenshot capture has been successful, and will also have an accompanying screenshot capture sound for those that don’t have silent mode activated on the device.

Head into the photo gallery and the screenshot will be there to be used how you see fit.

Capture a screenshot using Samsung’s new Smart Select Edge Panel:

Step 1: Head straight into the device’s main Settings and choose the Display option. As the name suggests, this provides configurable settings pertaining to the display of the device. Since we want to capture screenshots of specific parts of the display this is where we need to be.

Step 2: Within those settings, there is an option for Edge Display. Make sure that this is toggled to the On position. Doing so will augment the display with a new indicator on the right-hand side.

Step 3: Swipe in from the right of the display where that new indicator is located and select the cog/gear icon at the bottom which will take you to the settings for that experience. There will be an option for what Samsung calls the Smart Select feature. Select the check mark above it to activate it.

Step 4: Once again, swipe on the Edge Display indicator, but this time keep physically swiping until you get to the Smart Select Panel. Select either Oval, Rectangle, or Animation as your preferred choice.

Stay strong, we are nearly there. Upon select any of the actions above, a new overlay will be presented on the S8’s Infinity display. You can then resize it to whatever size you wish to cover whatever content you wish. Select either Done or Record to capture your desired content.

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