HomeFlip Offers A Great Way Of Quickly Switching Between Apps On Android

One of the great things about Android, and ultimately one of the reasons why a lot of users prefer it over the alternatives, is the ability to customize certain aspects of it. Developers are also able to produce software that essentially acts as a replacement for the native way of doing things. One of the more popular examples of this is rolling out of an entirely new launcher that brings additional features over the stock implementation. HomeFlip for Ice Cream Sandwich and above is one of the latest examples of an app built around the launcher concept.

Not all of the different launcher type applications always feature and include the exact same functionality. HomeFlip is one that attempts to include the majority of the necessary components needed to make a great launcher type app, but also attempts to do it by stepping away from the standard third-party implementation of what a launcher should be. The app is available on the Play Store and is entirely free of charge.


The HomeFlip app works in a similar fashion to other multi-window software offerings that we have seen in the past. Users who have accessed the running applications interface on a Google Nexus 7, for example, will be extremely familiar with how to interact with HomeFlip. The purpose of the app is to allow users to interact with running tasks on the device and then make decisions about them based on gestures.

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Swiping running items to the left will save them to the favorites menu. Swiping items to the right of the presented list will hide them from visibility forever. The package is accessible by selecting the home button on the device or by tapping on the bottom right hand corner of the display. Repeating the process after initially hiding or adding apps to favorites allows the users a fairly quick and efficient way of flicking between installed applications on the device.

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HomeFlip can be thought of as being in its initial iteration, and although it is relatively simple now the developer does have some extensive plans for the package. Left handed operation and full support and control over the theme and aesthetics of the application is coming with a future update. Entirely free of charge, good functionality and being actively worked on is a great combination.

(Source: HomeFlip for Android on the Play Store)

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