History of Jailbreaking iPhone with Saurik, the Creator of Cydia [Video]

Since today is the day jailbreaking has officially gone legal in the United States, I thought it was right time to share this full two-part interview on history of jailbreaking with Jay Freeman Saurik, the guy who is creator of Cydia, Winterboard and Cyntact apps for jailbroken iPhones. In his interview with Make It Work, Saurik tells us how the entire process of jailbreaking started with George Hotz, to the now latest jailbreaking sensation – the 17-year-old guy nicknamed Comex who is working on jailbreaking the iPhone 4. Comex is also known for jailbreaking all iPhones, iPod touches and iPad with Spirit, and Flash port (dubbed Frash) for iPad.

Jailbreaking iPhone

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