Here’s What The New 2022 HomePod mini Colors Could Look Like

Apple Inc. refreshed the HomePod mini range with a few new colors right before the busy festive 2021 shopping season.

Recently, those colors haven’t been as widely available as a lot of potential customers would like with digital and physical shelves being essentially bare. With Apple’s March event just around the corner, could we see a HomePod mini refresh featuring a range of new vivid colors? 9to5Mac has you covered.

Back in November 2021, Apple introduced new colors to the HomePod mini range by unveiling the powerful speaker with blue, orange, and yellow finishes. Not only were those new colors designed to appeal to a wider range of punters but were also designed to reflect the season and work perfectly with the time of the year that they were introduced. Now, with stock levels depleted, could we be about to see Apple introduce additional colors that reflect the current time of year?

It’s not unusual for Apple to update and refresh its range of accessories with new colors and styles that are designed to fit in nicely with the time of year. We’ve seen this year-after-year with mobile device cases and Apple Watch bands. Now, our friends at 9to5Mac are speculating that Apple could do the same with the HomePod mini as early as next month and have looked to the Pantone Spring 2022 color range for potential inspiration.

From that Spring collection, three colors stood out as potential introductions to the HomePod mini lineup; dahlia, innuendo, and basil. They are definitely three colors that could represent the new season that we are going to move into and would definitely make the HomePod mini a seasonal purchase for a lot of new customers. With that said, it remains to be seen how many customers would actually want to introduce a miniature speaker into their home environment that is finished with such bold and vivid coloring.

With the March 8 event fast approaching, Apple is expected to make some smaller announcements regarding new color introductions of certain product accessories. Will the HomePod mini benefit from the same kind of treatment in order to refresh the range? We can only hope so.

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