New In iOS 18: Hide And Lock iPhone Apps, Here’s How

Apple’s iOS 18 brings with it some notable improvements over the iOS 17 software that it will replace and added app security and privacy are two examples. Here’s how to hide and lock iPhone apps with iOS 18.

Sometimes there are apps that you might not want others to know you have installed for a variety of reasons.

There are also times when you wouldn’t want people to be able to open those apps without your knowledge, even if you give them your unlocked iPhone. For those instances, iOS 18 has the answer, and apps that are locked and hidden will not appear in things like Spotlight, notifications, and more.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Press and hold the app that you want to lock and hide.

Step 2: Tap Require Face ID.

Step 3: Tap Require Face ID again or, if available, tap Hide and Require Face ID (only third-party apps can be hidden currently)

The app will now be locked and/or hidden. To find hidden apps again simply swipe from right to left on the Home Screen until you find the App Library and then look at the very bottom of the list. A new Hidden folder will appear and a Face ID challenge will be required before it can be opened.

The iOS 18 update is currently available in developer beta with a public beta set to be released in July. The update will then be made available to iPhone owners everywhere in the fall.

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