Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Might Be Announced In 2022, But Won’t Be Available Immediately

Apple has previously been rumored to have plans to announce its first mixed reality headset as soon as 2022, but a new report claims that while that’s still a possibility, people won’t be able to actually buy it straight away.

When Apple announced a product in a new category, it often makes it available a matter of weeks and sometimes months later. That was the case with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch — and it’s now rumored to be the same situation here, too.

That’s according to a new report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, writing in his weekly Power On newsletter.

I expect the gap between the introduction of Apple’s first headset—scheduled for as early as next year—to be sizable and perhaps rival that of the original Apple Watch.

Apple’s first headset will have a complex, expensive-to-build design, complete with interchangeable lenses. The company will likely need to work with governments globally on possible prescription lenses and partner with a bevy of manufacturers on complex technologies that neither side has shipped before.

That will take time, and of course, Apple will want to have such a breakthrough new category in public view before exposing it to leak risks when it gets into the hands of more Apple employees and partners who will need to contribute to it before release.

The Apple Watch was announced 227 days before it went on sale, for example, with Apple ensuring that leaks didn’t spoil the big unveiling while also giving third-party outfits a chance to get accessories ready. It could be a similar situation with the headset, according to Gurman.

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