Alleged Galaxy S5 Specs Leak, Suggests Powerful Internals Topped Off With Flimsy Plastic

Samsung’s flagship line of Galaxy S phones is getting closer and closer to churning out its fifth iteration, and as would be expected of any huge product launch that’s months away, we’re already starting to see details leak out of what the Galaxy S5 may feature. We say ‘may’ simply because at this point, anything could change. With the product not expected to enter mass production for at least another couple of months, we wouldn’t want to put our houses on anything staying the way the rumors have things at the moment. That said, on to the rumors!

The latest round of information comes from Korean language ET News and they seem to have some ‘industry sources’ that are happy to share what will and will not be found inside Samsung’s next big thing.

For starters, the rumors currently pin the Galaxy S5 as packing 3GB of RAM and an as-yet unknown processor. We’d expect that particular part to depend very much on the territory that the handset is being sold in, with different parts being used in different countries. Samsung has done this in the past, and we see no big reason why it won’t continue the trend with the Galaxy S5.

Camera-wise, we’re told by ET News that a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera is in the offing, and that the front-facing shooter will come in at 2-megapixels. That camera will likely only ever be used for video calls anyway, so no great shock there.

The power will apparently be provided by a 4,000 mAh battery, with Android 4.4 KitKat doing its best to stretch the juice as far as it can. All that may well be undone by whatever version of TouchWiz Samsung decides to slap on top of it, though.

Photos that are currently circulating online show that the Galaxy S5 will feature a metal skeleton, which in turns means that it’s highly likely that the actual body of the handset will continue to be plastic, just like the rest of the Galaxy S line of smartphones. That’s a shame in our books, and in a day and age where not just Apple but also HTC are capable of producing smartphones made out of something other than flimsy plastic, it’s worrying to see Samsung stick to its guns. Presumably they’re made of plastic, too.


It’s still very early days in the world of Galaxy S5 rumors, so we’ve no doubt we’ll be hearing more over the coming weeks. Hopefully we’ll start to get some information on screen sizing, too, beyond the tentative talk of a 5-inch display we’re currently seeing.

(Source: ETNews [Google Translate])

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