20 New And Recently Updated Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 9

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned jailbreaker, or someone who has just started to dabble in the world of iOS device jailbreaking, you’re going to need the best tweaks to make the most of that jailbroken state. If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve got a list of the best 20 new and recently updated jailbreak tweaks that fully support iOS 9.

Do note that the tweaks below are not listed according to any particular ranking order.


3D Touch to Clear Notifications (new): One of those packages that uses an extremely verbose name to describe its own functionality. This package requires an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus and exists to allow all notifications to be cleared when a hard touch is detected within Notification Centre. Available on BigBoss for free.

Cylinder (updated): Cylinder is probably the closet competition to the extremely popular Barrel package. The latest update, which brings full iOS 9 compatibly, also offers up an array of new animation types that allows the icons to be animated in new and fresh ways when swiping between home screens. Available on BigBoss for free.

Shortcuts (new): It’s new to Cydia which means it offers iOS 9 compatibility. It’s also a 3D Touch-centric package that brings Quick Action menu features to the native Settings and Weather apps, as well as the Cydia icon when installed. Available on BigBoss for $0.99. Also worth checking: Get iPhone 6s Features On iPhone 6 Or Any Older Model Without Spending A Dime.

MyWi 9 (updated): MyWi doesn’t really need an introduction to anyone who has even the smallest knowledge of the jailbreak world. The popular package that allows the creation of WiFi Hotspots with a press of finger, has received full iOS 9 support for all modern devices running Apple’s latest jailbreakable firmware. Available on ModMyi for $19.99.

Snapper (updated): Snapper is essentially screenshot capture on all kinds of steroids. The recently updated tweak steps away from Apple’s standard screenshot capture mechanism in favor of a more advanced solution that allow a pre-defined area of the display to be set, amongst other things. The latest update now works on iOS 9. Available on BigBoss for $0.99.

ClassicFolders (updated): The introduction of iOS 7 brought with a huge visual overlay to Apple’s mobile platform. One of those changes involved an entirely redefined folder design. ClassicFolders, which has just been updated to offer iOS 9 support, aims to bring back to class look and feel of folders from the iOS 6 days. Available on BigBoss for $1.99.

Priority Hub (updated): Priority Hub injects a little bit of organization into incoming notifications on the installed iOS device. The package is inspired, of all things, by the BlackBerry 10 OS Priority Hub feature. The developer behind the package has recently introduced full iOS 9 support. Available on BigBoss for free.

Incognito Messages (new): Plenty of users want to interact and send messages without actually letting everyone know they are replying. Incognito Messages is a popular new addition to iOS 9 that allows users to hide the typing indicator as well as disabling outgoing read receipts. Available on BigBoss for free.

TetherMe (updated): TetherMe is a great little package that essentially forces native tethering on the installed device for those who have carriers or plans that don’t support it. Users can share a Wi-Fi connection via USB as well as share data via an APN with its new iOS 9 functionality. Available on BigBoss for $4.99.

Eclipse 3 – beta (updated): Night mode across the whole of Apple’s iOS; it sounds epic, and in all honesty, it looks epic. Eclipse has just been updated to offer iOS 9 support meaning that the change in aesthetic can now be applied to those all iOS 9 compatible devices. Available from gmoran.me/repo.

3G Unrestrictor 5 (updated): 3G Unrestrictor brings freedom on 3G and LTE. Installation of this package on iOS 9 devices enables Wi-Fi-only features for apps and makes them available on devices that are purely connected to cellular services. Available on BigBoss repo.

Watusi (updated): The bizarrely named Watusi has been updated to support iOS 9. It’s an all-in-one ultimate tweak for WhatsApp users and offers features such as disable last seen, disable Read receipts, disable typing indicator, increases the status length that’s possible, introduces the gorgeous dark keyboard and so much more. Available on BigBoss for $1.99.

VirtualHome (updated): VirtualHome is a great little Touch ID tweak that is now compatible with iOS 9 on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 6s Plus. The package exists to replace the need to physically press the iconic Home/Touch ID button on the device, by offering tap functionality. Available on BigBoss for $1.49.

F.lux (updated): f.lux is a great and extremely popular little package that adjusts the color of the iPhone’s display to adapt to the time of day. Warm at night and like sunlight during the day. It’s been around for various platforms for a long time and now supports iOS 9. You can grab the beta which is compatible for iOS 9 from https://justgetflux.com/cydia/ repo.

LocationFaker (updated): LocationFaker does exactly what it says on the tin. And now it does it on iOS 9. Rather than grab the GPS location of the device, those with LocationFaker installed are able to provide a makeshift location to any service asking for location information. Available on BigBoss for $2.99.

Barrel (updated): Like the aforementioned Cylinder above, Barrel is an excellent piece of work that exists to inject fun and quirky animations into the app icons when the user swipes between home screens. Aaron Ash has updated the package to offer support for iOS 9. Available on BigBoss for $2.99.

GuestMode (updated): GuestMode does exactly what it says on the tin by introducing a limited-access mode on installed devices. Want to give your iPhone or iPad to someone but don’t want them accessing all photos and files etc? GuestMode can help you set up an exclusive environment for such users. And now it works on iOS devices. Available on BigBoss for $0.99.

CCQuick Pro (updated): CCQuickPro for iOS 9 is essentially a new package, but only in the fact that it’s been released as an additional installation. It’s actually been around for iOS 8 for a while and brings powerful new features and additions to Apple’s native Control Center in iOS. Available on BigBoss for $2.99.

Volume Amplifier (updated): Recently updated for iOS 9, Volume Amplifier directly manipulates the speaker audio stream and amplifies it by up to 200%. If you have an iPhone with poor volume, then this is the package for you. Available on BigBoss for $1.99.

CCSettings (updated): CCSettings is a simple but very useful package that was initially introduced for iOS 8 and has now been updated with iOS 9 support. Installation of the package brings additional toggles and system settings directly into Control Center in iOS. Available on BigBoss for free.

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