Where Is watchOS 6 For Apple Watch Series 1 And Series 2?

Looking for watchOS 6 final for Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1 download? Here’s what you need to know about them.

As Apple’s product lines get more complicated, it seems that its firmware release patterns have to offer a similar complexity. The company has recently announced Apple Watch Series 5 as well as watchOS 6, but the latter is only available for Series 3, Series 4 and the new Series 5 in the first instance. Confused much?

It would make perfect sense if Apple was only intending to make watchOS 6 available uniquely for Apple Watch Series 3 and above. After all, it’s widely accepted that when a new major version of a specific firmware is released that sometimes some devices have to be a casualty and not get support for said firmware.

But, with Apple, nothing is ever simple. Apple is intending to offer watchOS 6 support for Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2, but just not yet. Which means that you will have to wait for a little bit longer if you want to get that firmware on your precious smartwatch and experience everything that it offers.

The reason? Well, there is no official reason given. The most logical assumption here is that watchOS 6 simply hasn’t been engineered to a high enough standard to offer simplicity, performance, and energy efficiency on the older Apple Watch hardware. Apple regularly tries to ensure that it supports as many devices as possible with each firmware release that it pumps out but it wants to do this with maximum efficiency and ensure that everyone gets a positive experience.

As far as Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 are concerned, we have to read between the lines and make the assumption that it’s just not ready to be successfully deployed to those devices and give the level of end-user experience that is expected from premium Apple hardware and firmware.

So, when will watchOS 6 appear in the world of production for Series 1 and Series 2? Apple has not yet stipulated an official date but we are very confident that it will rear its head during the course of 2019. It will definitely be worth the wait as when it is released, it should hopefully offer the premium experience that Apple Watch owners have become accustomed to from their expensive Apple hardware.

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