The HybridDrive Is A Compact Expandable USB-C Storage Hub With Up To 2TB Storage, Mac And iPad Compatibility, More

The new HybridDrive gadget currently vying for you attention on Indiegogo is looking to entice you into ditching the dongles that have become so popular over the last 18-months in favor of a one-size-fits-all accessory that offers extensive and storage all in one portable product.

If you were to scour the market for a brand new USB-C-based expansion dongle that plugs into your MacBook, then you’d be presented with a slew of product options, all of which come with different ports available to you depending on your preferences.

Similarly, if you were to look for an external drive that offers you more storage, the options would be almost unlimited. But if you were to seek something that splices the two together? Well, you’d likely hit a brick wall, which is why the team behind HybridDrive wants your attention – and your financial backing.

HybridDrive seems to live by the tagline of “replace all your hubs with just one hub.” And yes, you guessed it, that one is the HybridDrive product that offers additional storage, high-speed data transmission, enhanced versatility and flexibility, access to HDMI supporting 4K at 60Hz, and a solution that is compatible with all USB-C devices and not just a single laptop or MacBook.

In addition to connecting via USB-C and giving access to multiple USB ports, an HDMI port, and a memory card reader, the HybridDrive also does away with the need to invest in additional storage by also acting as a super-fast SSD drive with storage capacities up to 2TB.

If you were spec’ing out and investing in an Apple machine, for example, you might be expected to pay an additional $600 to bump that spec up to the version that offers 2TB of internal storage. With HybridDrive, you just fork out $219 and you not only have 2TB of storage on top of the machine’s internal storage but you also get the added benefit of the hub and dongle functionality that it offers.

This accessory also comes with an additional connection kit that lets you un-dock it from a MacBook Pro and use the provided system to connect it to any USB-C-based device:

With so many USB gadgets and peripherals available today, the default ports on a laptop are rarely enough.

While HybridDrive is designed to fit the compact design of an Apple MacBook Pro, you can also use it as a hub and extra storage for any device, such as smartphones, tablets, PS4 and laptop.

The accessory has actually managed to reach its funding goal on Indiegogo and currently sits at a whopping 878% funded at the time of writing. The production looks to be currently underway and there is still an opportunity for you to grab yours if this is something you would be interested in. You can give HybridDrive a try now by HybridDrive.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but we don’t get any commission from HybridDrive sales made on Indiegogo.

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