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For some, the natural progression from the standalone camera has been to utilize the ever-improving shooters of their smartphones. Tablets, while considered principally similar to their smaller counterparts, are seen as less ideal for taking pictures and shooting video, for obvious reasons (hint: awkwardness in public). This is understandable really, since they’re less convenient to carry around, and vendors tend to favor smartphones when it comes to the quality of snapper. However, with its new YouTube Capture app for the iPad, Google is looking to buck this trend, instead seeking to encourage users to use their tablets in order to create videos.

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The final quarter of 2012 saw Google make a significant impact on the mobile world with a number of great application submissions to the iOS App Store. The Chrome browser went from strength to strength, the Gmail app saw a significant update as well as the debut of the official Capture application to compliment the native YouTube app that is now available for the iPhone and iPad. The progression of their mobile apps is clearly continuing during 2013, with the first major update to the YouTube Capture app going live today.

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Google is sitting at the top of the iOS app download charts, thanks to their recent release of the much anticipated Google Maps for iOS app, but that hasn’t stopped them from pulling another software based rabbit out of their hat with the release of a dedicated video recording app. YouTube Capture has only just landed on the App Store in the Photo & Video category, and looks set to appease those iPhone and iPod touch users who have longed for a professional way to shoot and touch up video recordings before immediately uploading to YouTube.

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