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Here’s a tidbit of news that’s been lurking behind the shadows of today’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Windows Server 8, and Visual Studio 11 announcements: Microsoft has just made Microsoft Flight available for download.

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Apple yesterday unveiled the new iPhone OS 4 in an event held at their 1-Infinite loop campus in Cupertino. Final version of iPhone 4 will be released for iPhone and iPod touch with the next-gen iPhone at WWDC this year. The biggest question here is that how well does this release of OS stands against Google’s ever-so gaining Android OS, and Redmond’s revamped Windows Phone 7.

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All of you must know by now that Windows 7 will not be featuring a sidebar, as the gadgets will be integrated in the desktop. But, this feature shouldn’t come as a surprise, since this functionality is achievable in Vista as well. Yes, not many know this, or might not have noticed this, but it’s […]

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