Windows 7 Style Gadgets in Vista!

All of you must know by now that Windows 7 will not be featuring a sidebar, as the gadgets will be integrated in the desktop. But, this feature shouldn’t come as a surprise, since this functionality is achievable in Vista as well. Yes, not many know this, or might not have noticed this, but it’s an easy to do trick to achieve the Windows 7 gadgets effect.


7 or Vista?

How is it done? Simple. Just drag your gadgets off the sidebar, right click the sidebar and click ‘Close Sidebar’. You’ll have gadgets on your screen without the sidebar visible. Now, even if you press ‘Win + Space’, the Sidebar wont pop up! You can now change the opacity of the Gadgets to 20% to stop them from blocking your wallpaper.

This is a simple trick but can be useful for customizing Vista the way you want. Let us know if you found this useful in the comments.