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We can’t lie, it’s getting a little boring watching ads where companies try to get one over their competitors by simply prodding them with the biggest, spikiest stick they can find, but at least this new ad from Amazon does actually talk about the company’s own tablet as well.

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Apple’s iPad Air is currently being lauded as the best thing since sliced bread, but as DisplayMate’s Dr. Raymond Soneira points out, numerous aspects of the just-released slate fall short when compared to Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX. There’s no doubt that a new iPad was always going to make a little more noise upon announcement and subsequent release than the retail giant’s latest export, but as Soneira’s in-depth comparison shows, the Retina panel is noticeably outperformed by that of the new Amazon slate.

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When you find yourself in the position that Apple is in as a company, it seems that you become an easy target for replication and parody. No company is whiter than white these days, but Apple has often found their work and announcements being mimicked and mocked a lot more than the average company in the technology industry. The latest business giant to take a pop at Apple is Amazon, who is using the recently announced iPad Air to advertise their own Kindle Fire HDX tablet that is available immediately for pre-order.

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