Samsung Prods Apple’s iPhone 5 Owners With Two New Galaxy S4 Switcher Ads [VIDEOS]

Samsung just can’t help itself these days. Seemingly more important than extolling the virtues of its own handsets, the bashing of Apple and more importantly, the users of its smartphones, is target numero uno. At least, that’s what you could be forgiven for thinking if you’ve ever seen the company’s new Galaxy S4 ads.

The first of those ads, as we told you recently, centers around a pool party and a group of supposedly uncool parents all using iPhones. The aim of the ad is to get users to switch from their Apple devices to, obviously enough, a Samsung one.

galaxy s4 logo

But Samsung couldn’t just stop there. On it went, ad agency in tow, intent on kicking Apple as fast and as hard as it could. Cue two new ads, both of a similar ilk as their predecessor, and both as irritatingly awkward.

One of the ads sees a suitably confused dad having a Galaxy S4 thrust upon him, with a younger guy trying to smooth over the switch from an iPhone. On this occasion, it’s the S4’s ‘Easy Mode’ that seals the deal thanks to its oversized icons and simplified usability. Another satisfied customer, apparently.

The other new ad sees a mother taking a photo of her son at a graduation, only for one of his so-called friends to photo bomb the occasion. It’s OK though, ‘cos the camera of choice is a Galaxy S4 and its ‘Eraser Shot’ mode lets little old mother erase that nasty young man from her son’s photo. The iPhone can’t do that, apparently, though we’re dubious that there isn’t an app in the App Store that would at least do something very similar. Answers in the comments if we’re right!

Ironically, that’s actually quite a cool feature, if one that we’re not convinced would get that much use. We just wish Samsung would concentrate on telling potential customers about what its phone can do, rather than try to tell them what Apple’s iPhone can’t do. Call us old fashioned, but that’s what advertising is all about.

Maybe we’re just out of touch.

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