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Apple is all about marketing its products well, and it usually does a good job at that. In line with the tradition, the Cupertino company today has released not one, not two, but four new ads for the Apple Watch through its YouTube channel that showcase the wearable being used in a number of situations, including traveling, working out, interacting with family etc. Before we go into the detail of these ads, allow me to say that for a company that usually makes pretty good ads, Apple has left me disappointed with these.

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Apple has just released two brand new TV ads for iPhone that say ‘If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.’ The ads, which are available to view right now, are entitled ‘Loved’ and ‘Hardware & Software.’

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Samsung just can’t help itself these days. Seemingly more important than extolling the virtues of its own handsets, the bashing of Apple and more importantly, the users of its smartphones, is target numero uno. At least, that’s what you could be forgiven for thinking if you’ve ever seen the company’s new Galaxy S4 ads.

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