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When it comes to marketing a product, it’s fair to say that Samsung likes to break the mold. We’ve already encountered the rather cringe worthy Samsung Style ad (a play on the popular Gangnam Style from Korean rapper Psy), and now, the company has come through with another rather strange ploy in advertising its flagship Galaxy S4. Featuring a bunch of guys performing pop-like synchronized dance moves in balaclavas, it plays over a dubstep tune and ends with a goat sat in the middle of a mountainous area. Strange? We certainly think so.

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Samsung’s ads have been known to be a little weird in the past, and its press events can be just as bad. Lest we forget the infamous Gangnam Style moment that led to a Bollywood actor prancing around on stage like Psy. For a company so large, you’d think it could afford one or two advertising specialists wouldn’t you?

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Samsung just can’t help itself these days. Seemingly more important than extolling the virtues of its own handsets, the bashing of Apple and more importantly, the users of its smartphones, is target numero uno. At least, that’s what you could be forgiven for thinking if you’ve ever seen the company’s new Galaxy S4 ads.

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