Multiplexer For iOS Is The Most Comprehensive Multitasking Tweak Yet [Video]

As iOS has matured over the years, and as the release numbers have reached the heady heights of iOS 9, Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system has gained more and more features. One of the features missing from the early releases of iOS was multitasking, and as it has been added and then built upon, the way we use multiple apps on iOS has changed significantly. That has never been the case more so than with the release of iOS 9 and proper, split-screen multitasking on iPad.

But as tends to be the case with new and improved features that find their way into iOS, not everyone will be happy. That’s where jailbreaking comes in, with a plethora of tweaks and apps available via Cydia for those that wish to change the way just about any aspect of how iOS works, including multitasking. A new tweak is one of the more comprehensive when it comes to the way it takes stock iOS multitasking and then turns it on its head. That tweak is Multiplexer.


Costing $3.99 and available to download now from the BigBoss repository via Cydia, this tweak is nothing if not comprehensive. It is available for any jailbroken version of iOS from iOS 8 to iOS 8.4 and is actually better described as multiple tweaks in one, with each one offering something a little different but building into something greater once all added together.

The individual mini-tweaks or features included in Multiplexer are:

  • Aura – a comprehensive backgrounding manager.
  • Empoleon – takes apps and turns them into windows that can be resized and move at will.
  • Mission Control – allows the management of desktops and app windows created by Empoleon.
  • Quick Access – used to add and access apps from Notification Center.
  • Reach App – based on Reachability, this tweak fills the empty space it creates with widgets, apps and tweaks to make better use of the screen.
  • Swipe Over – just like iOS 9’s Slide Over and Split View for iPad, this allows users to swipe an app in from the side and run it side-by-side with another, even on an iPhone.


Multiplexer’s Aura (left) and Empolean (right) features

This list just provides an overview of what the tweak can do. Each feature comes with an extensive list of customization options. This should give you a good idea of the depth of Multiplexer’s capability and make the $3.99 price tag seem more than reasonable. If you’re in need of something to supercharge your multitasking experience, then you could do much worse than pick this up.


Multiplexer’s Quick Access (left) and Mission Control (right) features

You can download Multiplexer today. Check out the video demo below to see the tweak in action, courtesy iUpdateOS:

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