M1 MacBook Pro Vs M2 MacBook Pro Real-World Speed Test Comparison

Here’s M1 MacBook Pro Vs M2 MacBook Pro real-world speed test comparison that you may want to check out.

Following recent reports that the new 256GB M2 13-inch MacBook Pro’s SSD is notably slower than the M1 version that it replaces, a new YouTube video aims to see how that impacts actual day-to-day performance.

A video shared by Max Tech recently showed that read and write speeds of the new 256GB machine are around half of that of the previous M1 version, a fact that is thought to be down to Apple’s decision to ship a single 256GB NAND SSD this time around. Previously, Apple shipped two 128GB parts, making for improved performance. But while we already knew that the decision caused poor benchmarking scores, it wasn’t known whether that would be borne out in real-world tests. A new video confirms that it is.

This new video runs a number of tests to see what happens when Photoshop, Lightroom, and other apps are used. File transfer tests and other real-world activities were also carried out.

As an example, the M1 MacBook Pro was found to be able to export 50 images from Lightroom, more in just 3 minutes and 36 seconds. The M2 version needed more than four minutes to do the same thing. You can watch the video to see more examples, but the gist is simple — the M1 machine is quicker than the new M2 offering.

This could all be slightly improved by ordering a Mac with more RAM to ensure the SSD isn’t being used for swap, but the only real way to fix the performance problem is to buy a machine with more storage. The higher-capacity M2 M13-inch MacBook Pros come with two NAND chips, improving performance.

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