tfp0 Exploit Achieved On A13-Powered iPhone 11 / Pro Max Running iOS 13.3

You should soon be able to jailbreak iOS 13.3 and maybe even iOS 13.3.1 on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS series and more using newly discovered tfp0 exploit. Here are the details on it.

Additional festive cheer is pouring down on the jailbreak community today. The Apple versus jailbreakers cat and mouse game continues with security researcher iBSparkes proclaiming to have “HACKED” Apple’s latest A13 devices running iOS 13.3. Yes, that’s right, it looks like we have a tfp0 on Apple’s latest hardware and software combination.

If you have some free-time running up the arrival of the big man in the red suit, what do you do? Well, for some people, it seems that you embark on a mission to pwn Apple’s latest hardware running Apple’s latest firmware. And it seems that iBSparkes has been able to do that successfully and add to the positivity this week in the jailbreak community. This latest news adds to the fact that iOS 13.3 was also pwned on an A12 device late last week.

As is usually the case for those involved in the world of jailbreaking, Twitter was the medium of choice for iBSparkes to wax lyrical about his latest achievements. The first of his two tweets simply said “HACKED” and contained a screenshot of the Terminal app with evidence of the device being pwned. An accompanying follow-up tweet confirmed that details in a question, outlining iOS 13.3 and the fact that it was running on A13 silicon. He doesn’t confirm the specific device but it shouldn’t really matter as Apple’s latest flagships all use the same chipset, therefore meaning that they should all fall victim to this bug.

As with previously discovered tfp0 bugs, this latest find should allow an individual with the necessary skills to read and write to kernel memory. As you can imagine, this is something that Apple, or any other company for that matter, simply don’t want you doing. This type of bug is often the architectural foundation for a jailbreak to be created for the hardware/software combinations that it supports. If you are currently running iOS 13.3, then it’s likely good advice to stay where you are and forgo any desire to update to iOS 13.3.1 when it is released.

Currently, we simply don’t know if this new bug will make it into the public domain and actually form the basis of any new jailbreak. If anything develops, we will be sure to let you know but, for now, it’s time to strap in, grab the two-piece and soda, and see where this journey takes us.

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