iPad 3.3 / 3.2.1 and iPhone OS 4 Release is Imminent. Don’t Forget to Save SHSH Blobs (ECID SHSH)

This is a friendly reminder for all iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPod touch 3G users to save SHSH blobs now before Apple pushes the new iPad 3.3/3.2.1 and iPhone OS 4 firmware today at WWDC 10. This is important if you want to jailbreak (by downgrading) your device again should Apple patches the exploit used by Spirit jailbreak tool.

iPhone 4.0

It is important to note that you wont be able to save SHSH blobs once Apple has released the new firmware. This is because Apple will stop signing the old firmware (iPhone 3.1.3 and iPad 3.2) once the new one has been released, hence negating you to save your iDevice SHSH files.

We already have full detailed guides on how to save SHSH blobs for both Windows and Mac users.

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