iOS 11 Beta 4 Revamps Icons Of Some Stock Apple Apps

Apple today updated iOS 11 with a new beta release for developers, and while it does come with the usual array of bug fixes – there are plenty of them, thankfully – one change that may initially fly under the radar is starting to garner plenty of attention.

While Apple is not averse to changing user interface elements between beta releases of iOS, the new changes are somewhat minor, and one of them, we suspect, is actually a bug! We are, of course, talking about the new icons that iOS 11 beta 4 has given us.

Of course, not all icons have changed, and the ones we are talking about here are some of Apple’s most used stock apps: Contacts, Reminders and Notes. The changes themselves obviously make no functional difference to the apps they represent, and for the most part, we think they look superior to the ones they replace. We particularly like the new Contacts icon, and while the Notes icon may need a second glance to spot the difference, the Reminders icon leaves us a little dumbstruck.

The loss of a row on the icon doesn’t bother us so much, but we do not understand why the bullet points are now on the wrong side of the graphic. We suspect that something may have gone awry there, possibly an inversion of icon, and if we are honest, we expect that to be rectified in the next release – at least we hope so!

Apple has been known to make changes like this and then revert them in the past, too, so it is far from guaranteed that these are the icons that will ship come September. For now, let’s just get that Reminders icon fixed, please. We’d suggest sticking with the old one for the time being.

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