How Well Do Third-Party Batteries With Larger Capacities Work In An iPhone? [Video]

If you’ve ever spotted a replacement iPhone battery that claims to be a higher capacity than the norm and wondered if it’s legit, you are not alone. These batteries appear all over the internet and while I’ve personally never tried one, I’ve always wondered about their ability to perform. YouTuber iAppleBytes also wondered, so he set about finding out.

In the embedded video, you’ll see an iPhone 6S tested with three different batteries. The first is a standard 1715mAh iPhone battery with a third-party 2200mAh battery also tested. To round things out, there’s a 2580mAh battery as well. So how did they fare? You can watch the video for yourselves, but the gist is pretty interesting.

Basically, the 2200mAh battery performed around 26% better – it lasted more than a quarter longer – than the standard iPhone battery when put through its paces with Geekbench. When it came to the largest capacity battery, it ran until the iPhone turned off at 13% left. That alone rings alarm bells.

While these results are certainly interesting, we absolutely wouldn’t recommend using a third-party battery of any kind. Let alone one that claims to be a larger capacity than Apple’s stock option. There are plenty of reasons not to, not least the concern of how these companies managed to fit a larger capacity into the same physical package.

The choice is up to you, and be sure to watch the video to get the full details on how these batteries held up.

(Source: iAppleBytes [YouTube])

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