GameClub Vs Apple Arcade: Here’s How The Two Gaming Services Compare

Here’s GameClub Vs Apple Arcade comparison of the two gaming services for Apple devices that you need to know about.

GameClub has now launched on the App Store after months of getting things ready. The subscription-based game store is similar to Apple Arcade in many ways, but you really need both.

GameClub’s aim is to provide gamers with a way to play games that were once big on iOS, but have since fallen into disrepair. GameClub then picks them up, dusts them down, and makes them available via its app. GameClub can be downloaded from the App Store now with all games free beyond the subscription.

But how does GameClub compare with Apple’s own Apple Arcade?


Both Apple Arcade and GameClub will cost $4.99 per month. That’s a bargain and makes it more then possible for mobile gaming fans to pay for both. That way they get all of the best games around with all of the other benefits that brings.

Both services offer a free month-long trial, too.

Number of games

Apple Arcade currently has around 100 games available, and that’s the same target GameClub has. It isn’t quite there yet, but it will be soon.


None of the games that are a part of GameClub have ads. That’s also a big part of what makes Apple Arcade so important. The lack of ads gives game players a new confidence that they won’t be faced with ads every few minutes. That’s especially important with children, too.

In-app purchases?

No game available via GameClub or Apple Arcade have any in-app purchases to speak of. You get access to the full game with no paid methods of unlocking content or in-game currency.

With all of that said it’s easy to see the similarities. Given GameClub’s focus on older classics we’d heartily suggest both are it and Apple Arcade are with the outlay. Especially if you’re a big mobile gamer.

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