First Video Of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone Leaks Online

Whether it’s your thing or not, foldable phones very much look like they are here to stay. Samsung already has its Galaxy Fold on the market and Motorola recently released the new RAZR, too. But Samsung looks set to bring another offering to the masses in the shape of the Galaxy Z Flip. And it appears to have been shown in video for the first time.

The video appeared in our timelines via the infamous Ben Geskin, someone who has quite the record with leaking things.

But we’ve also seen the video posted pretty much everywhere else, so it isn’t clear where it originated. Wherever it came from though, it looks like we might have had our first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

If this is indeed Samsung’s next folding phone, it looks very similar to the aforementioned RAZR from Motorola. That is, it looks like a standard flip phone from yesteryear. At least, until you open it up.

Once you do you’re greeted with a large 6.7-inch display that looks great considering it folds in half. We’d need to see this thing in better quality video to know for sure, but it does look a better display than Motorola’s attempt.

There’s more, too, with a display of sorts that can be seen when the device is closed. That seems to house things like the time right now, although we imagine notifications will fit there as well.

Where this leak came from isn’t clear, but we suspect Samsung knows. The device’s serial number can be seen in the video, as can the email address that it’s associated to. Someone, somewhere, is probably in trouble right about now. Unless this was a leak by Samsung to take the attention away from Motorola’s big release.

Cynical? Us?

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