How To Enable AirPower Wireless Charging Sound On Any Device Right Now

Here’s how to enable AirPower wireless charging sound on any device right now when it is put on charge without jailbreak and without having to have access to an AirPower charging mat.

Thanks to the release of the Ian Beer’s async_wake exploit, it’s now possible to dive into the file structure of iOS and make certain changes without having to be jailbroken. Previously, due to limitations placed by Apple, this was never possible without a full jailbreak as third-party apps didn’t get full root access to the iOS file system.

Those limitations no longer exist where iOS 11-11.1.2 are concerned, which means that you can now make certain changes with relative ease, such as tricking iOS into playing the new AirPower chime when a device is put on charge. This sound is exclusive to AirPower, which is not on sale yet, and by default doesn’t work when using wired charging or wireless charging using third-party chargers is done. Let’s jump right in and take a quick look at the extremely simple process.

Step 1: In order for this to work, you are going to need to have the FilzaJailed file manager app installed on your device. This is built with the iOS 11-11.1.2 aync_wake exploit embedded and therefore allows access to the iOS directory structure without jailbreak. Once installed, launch the app and navigate to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds.

Step 2: Inside here you will need to be concerned with two files called engage_power.caf and connect_power.caf. You essentially want to invert the naming of these two files, so the engage_power.caf file needs to be renamed to connect_power.caf, and the original connect_power.caf needs to be renamed to engage_power.caf.

  • engage_power.caf becomes connect_power.caf
  • connect_power.caf becomes engage_power.caf

NOTE: It’s worthwhile taking a copy and dump of the two original files with the original names so you can simply paste them back into the directory if you need to.

And that is literally all that she wrote. It’s a simple case of changing the naming structure of the files as the iOS system is programmed to pull a particular file when an action occurs. Putting the device on charge, wired or wireless, should now play the amended file and give you the AirPower sound, which you can hear here.

Make sure to take care when renaming the files and always try to take a copy of the originals where possible as this makes it very easy to simply revert back if anything does happen to go wrong.

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