Car Experts Create 3D Model Of Apple Car Based On Apple’s Patents

The rumors of Apple working on some sort of Apple Car have been circulating for years at this point. While it still isn’t clear whether Apple will eventually build a car, or sell technology for use in others, it’s fun to ponder what could be.

That’s exactly what the car experts at Vanarama have been doing.

The Vanarama people have taken the ideas and specifications found in Apple patent filings and turned them into a 3D model of a car that could, one day, become a car that ships to the world. And it definitely has an aesthetic.

That aesthetic looks very much like a Tesla Cybertruck in the way it is so much more angular than most cars today. It’s an interesting look that somehow both manages to look futuristic and like it came from the 1960s all at the same time. We really can’t make our mind up about it.

Internally, this thing is very much Apple. A seamless ultra-wide display spans the full width of the car and looks absolutely stunning. Imagine Apple CarPlay but taken to 11 and you won’t be far wrong. We’d absolutely love to see this be what the inside of a car looks like.

Back to the outside, a Mac Pro-like front grille and chunky wheels are the main things you spot, although again it’s important to remember that this isn’t likely to be what — if anything — Apple announces in the future.

It’s also a good time to remember that Apple patents a whole ton of things. Not all of them turn into products or even features within products, unfortunately.

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