As We Brace Ourselves For GTA V, Here’s Some Little Known Facts About The Franchise [VIDEO]

Last November we were treated to an official confirmation that Rockstar Games were indeed knuckling down and beginning the full-time development process of the fifth iteration of their insanely popular Grand Theft Auto games. Yesterday, the company raised the excitement levels a little further by releasing some official and rather splendid looking screenshots from the game giving us a little glimpse of the adrenaline fuelled capers that we can expect from the fictional city of Los Santos.

As someone who pretty much only owns a gaming console purely for Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto games, the thought of being able to lose countless days of my life squealing around Los Santos and taking part in various life or death missions raises my excitement gauge to unprecedented levels. If you, like me, happen to be a huge fan of GTA and the work which Rockstar does, then the new video from the Do You Know Gaming? guys will provide a rather awesome insight into the history of Grand Theft Auto and how one of the world’s greatest game came into existence.

The first, and probably the most important little known fact, centers on how GTA actually came to life, and it’s interesting to see that the developers weren’t actually intending to make a game of this nature. During the development and testing phase of an arcade style, top-down racing game, testers were delighted with the excitement levels which a bug in the game brought where police cars attempted to ram the player off the road rather than pull them over and bring the user to justice for their racing-based wrong-doings. The glitch in the games code was entirely unintentional but produced so much enjoyment in the game that they decided to keep it and change the scope of the creation to match it. The original Grand Theft Auto was born.

Although users may not always find them, secret additions and hidden Easter eggs are generally part and parcel of most free roaming games these days. Part of the video in question takes a quick look at some of the more interesting and fun Easter eggs that the developers have built into the various versions of GTA, including computer monitors that show screenshots of older GTA versions, an eerie and mysterious ghost town in GTA 3 that is only accessible by aeroplane and not intended for visitation by gamers, and a Scarface inspired bathroom in a hidden apartment in Vice City. A must watch for any Grand Theft Auto fan.

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