Apple’s Latest 13-Inch MacBook Air Now Supports Bluetooth 5.3

After initially releasing with support for Bluetooth 5.0 in July 2022, Apple’s 13-inch M2-powered MacBook Air now supports Bluetooth 5.3.

Support for the more reliable Bluetooth 5.3 has been silent announced via Apple’s technical specifications for that machine.

Following their announcement at WWDC last month about the 15-inch MacBook Air being equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, Apple has now revised the technical specifications page for the 13-inch MacBook Air to indicate the same advanced Bluetooth 5.3 compatibility for the existing 13-inch model.

This updated connectivity standard will result in a faster and more dependable connection with Bluetooth accessories. Additionally, it provides an increase in power efficiency, which has the potential to extend the battery life of the device. Those who own a 13-inch M2 MacBook Air who want a deeper understanding of Bluetooth, they can visit the official Bluetooth website.

The update and move to support the more efficient Bluetooth 5.3 makes perfect sense when you consider Apple’s other product lines. New Macs, the iPhone, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch released since September of last year all support the improved Bluetooth standard.

The technical specifications may suggest that Bluetooth 5.3 is now supported but there is still no change in Wi-Fi standards. The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models both still support Wi-Fi 6 rather than the new faster wireless connectivity 6E that gets its performance from the 6Ghz frequency band.

Great news for anyone who owns the existing 13-inch M2-powered MacBook Air and who can foresee themselves continuing to use that machine for the foreseeable.

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