Apple Lists Products Which Qualify For 2017 Tax-Free Weekend In The US

Consumers who love nothing more than purchasing discounted technology are becoming increasingly used to being afforded with price reduction extravaganzas. Instead of having to wait until the next big sale comes around, eight states in the United States are offering residents sales tax holidays from this coming Friday.

Apple has updated its website to reflect which products are compatible with the tax break, and individual terms and conditions for each state as had been hinted earlier.

The offer from an Apple perspective, essentially means that consumers are able to grab themselves a Mac, iPad or one of other multiple products being offered with either a reduced tax sales rate applied, or no tax at all, as long as it’s within the qualifying state. Apple has made it extremely easy to understand which products are applicable in which states, as well as highlighting any information that needs to be known, including spending limits and other important information.

The tax sales break will be applicable in Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Virginia. Each state will be offering the tax break, but with its own set of rules about what it is and isn’t possible, as well as the individual products that a consumer can purchase from Apple in each of those six states. This isn’t a one-size fit all solution so it’s definitely worthwhile paying attention to the information.

Florida (Aug 4 – 6): Residents, will be able to purchase a computer or related accessory up to the value of $750 as part of the break. That includes all eligible Mac and iPad models, and all software that also falls under the $750 threshold.

New Mexico (Aug 4 – 6): The same theory is in place here, but applies to products up to $1000 in value, and includes hardware such as Apple’s Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Apple Pencil, AirPort base stations, cables, speakers, microphones, RAM upgrades, hard drives, flash drives, and printer supplies.

Louisiana (Aug 4 – 5): All products up to a value of $2,500 will be subject to a tax rate of just 3-percent compared to the regular 5-percent.

Missouri (Aug 4 – 6): Other than the iPhone, all computers and related accessories ranging from eligible Mac and iPad models to other products like the Apple TV, Magic Keyboard and Mouse, RAM upgrades etc. with a sales price of up to $1,500 are applicable for tax reductions. So is software prices up to $350.

South Carolina (Aug 4 – 6):  An array of Mac and iPad models, books, computer accessories, etc., are eligible for tax reductions, and best of all there’s no spending limit here.

Virginia (Aug 4 – 6): All products priced up to $20 qualify for tax reductions, while mobile phone chargers and batteries priced at $60 or less also qualify.

Tennessee (Jul 28 – 30): Computers (Mac), as well as all iPad models along with computer accessories with a sales price of up to $1,500, are eligible for tax reductions.

Alabama (Jul 21 – 23): All iPad models, and accessories such as the Magic Keyboard and Mouse, Apple Pencil up to a sales price of $750 are eligible. The Mac mini is also included in this bargain.

It’s pretty much the same across the board from a product perspective with the value differing on a state-by-state basis. However, residents of Virginia are possibly getting the bad end of the deal with the tax exemption only applying to products with a value of $20 or less, or device chargers and batteries that are worth less than $60.

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