Apple And Samsung CEOs Set To Thrash Out Patent Peace Talks Today

Today sees something of an oddity, for two high-powered CEOs and an army of legal help will sit down and try to thrash out an end to one of the longest, most tedious legal battles we can think of. There may be blood!

Some stories just won’t die, especially rumors of products that may or may not be on the cards. Some stories just won’t die because two technology giants refuse to act like grownups and stop bickering over who is infringing upon who’s patents, and whether you can have two icons that look identical but are actually different.

Can you guess which one we are going to be talking about today? We bet you can!

Today sees the latest installment in the ongoing saga that has seen Apple and Samsung take a patent-based legal battle to all four corners of the globe. Both parties believe that the other is in the wrong on multiple counts, whilst they both stand by their belief that they have not infringed upon any of the other’s patents or intellectual properties. It’s a typical case of each company blaming the other, and it has seen various court battles around the world result in possible fines, sales bans and general embarrassment. That’s to say they aren’t both embarrassed enough about the entire thing, but there you go.


As legal wars go, though, today sees something a little different. Growing tired of all the back and forth spats so far, an American court has ordered that both Apple and Google send their CEOs to sit down, in the same room, at the same time, and actually discuss the issue face-to-face. Oh the humanity of it all!


The situation is simple: both Tim Cook and Choi Gee-sung will be asked to try and come to some sort of agreement over how to carry things forward. Unfortunately we don’t see this being a case of two men sat chatting over a cup of coffee, but rather a room full of lawyers that lock horns while the two CEOs watch. If anything of real consequence comes out of the meeting, we will all be very surprised.

Still, stranger things have happened, and just a few short weeks away we would have said the chances of such a meeting even taking place were nil. Now, here we are, and let’s just hope the two warring factions can play nicely.

Just this once.

(via Reuters)

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