Pure Meditation: Relax/Focus In A Noisy Environment With Ambient Tracks, Colored Noises And Binaural Beats [iOS, Android]

There are situations I face on a daily basis where I just wish I could just press a button and shut down all of the world’s noisiness. You might think it would take some super-advanced technology to make this happen, but really all it takes is a good pair of (preferably in-ear)-headphones and a specialized piece of software that offers brainwave entertainment. We’ll be covering one such app today. Check it out after the jump!


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Developed by Tesla Audio Sciences, Pure Meditation is a paid iOS [App Store] and Android [Google Play] that, according to their official description, offer “the best in Ambient Music and Brain Wave Entrainment to help you meditate like a Buddhist!”

Pure Meditation works by allowing you to play different ambient, colored noise and entrainment tracks. These tracks when used with a good pair of headphones help you relax and/or focus when you require it.

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When you launch the app, you are presented with a list of 15 ambient and colored noise tracks. You can select any one of them and hit the play button. The timer feature (to the right of the stop button) lets you choose when to automatically stop a track from playing so that the app doesn’t run all night long. Further, you can mix the ambient/colored-noise track with any one of the 14 entrainment effects / binaural beats to even better relaxation. The app even lets you set an alarm so you can wake up to one of these soothing tracks instead of your usual alarm tone.

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I’ve been using their iOS app for the past month or so and have found it to be very, very useful. I go through a very noisy morning commute in which my driver likes to listen to loud music on low-quality speakers. I’m generally not annoyed by this but it was during my exams a couple of weeks back that I just couldn’t handle it. That’s when I tried out Pure Meditation. I would just put on my in-ear headphones, launch Pure Meditation and voila, the sounds of the world surrounding me would be shut off like I pressed some sort of universal Mute button.

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Pure Meditation was available for free when I downloaded it a few weeks back. Now, however, it is a paid-only app but since the price is as low as it gets – a mere 99 cents – it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s a highly recommended app that is well-worth the price!

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