365 Threat Monitor Can Detect Microsoft 365 Email Threats When Microsoft Doesn’t

Users of Microsoft 365 are no doubt already making great use of features like email security and spam scanning, but what can they do when things go wrong and security issues find a way through their filters?

That’s where the free 365 Threat Monitor comes into play.

What Is 365 Threat Monitor?

Available for download now and costing nothing whatsoever, 365 Threat Monitor can check all incoming emails for ransomware and more, keeping you and your business safe. What’s more, once a breach is detected the email threats can be deleted.

Scan all emails as they reach your Office 365 user mailboxes to detect ransomware, phishing and spam. Receive real-time phone alerts and instantly delete threats with just one click. Get real-time security breach updates and instantly delete threats – for free!

How Does 365 Threat Monitor Work?

365 Threat Monitor is a tool that can pretty much guarantee your business emails to go through a security check to detect spam and malware attacks as well as viruses etc. If you’re a Microsoft Office 365 admin, you will want to add this to your arsenal in order to safeguard your company’s emails.

Why Use 365 Threat Monitor?

Ransomware can be a huge business killer and some payouts in the order of $4.5 million have been needed to deal with ransomware attacks that weren’t proactively detected. Cyber attacks have grown massively in recent years — especially against Office 365 mail accounts.

If you’re a system admin who needs to make sure that email isn’t putting your business at risk, you should check out 365 Threat Monitor now — can you or your business really afford not to?

You can learn all about what 365 Threat Monitor has to offer over on the company website now.

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