The stock iPhone Camera app is one of the best around, but even with all the improvements that it has had over the years since the original iPhone put in an appearance, it’s still missing one or two features that we would like to see.

The Internet lit up yesterday when it was announced that developer Erik Roystan Ross had posted a playable version of Super Mario 64 that he had built using the Unity engine. By creating the first level of the famous Mario game, he was showcasing his new Unity tool called ‘Super Character Controller’ which makes it easier to create character animation. Turns out it’s good enough to make whole Mario levels, which has to be a good sign.

The weekend is here, and many devs are offering their paid iOS and Mac apps for free over at the App Store and Mac App Store, respectively. We have handpicked the best ones out of the lot and they are all immediately available for download, but for a limited period of time. For the complete rundown, head past the break.

With iOS 8.2 users fervently waiting for a jailbreak, it was expected that TaiG would be revealing its jailbreak tool this Friday at the Mobile Security Summit, but that hasn’t happened. TaiG has made an announcement on its current progress after some momentary silence, so head over the jump for more on that.

The Pangu Team, which has thus far been responsible for a number of untethered jailbreaks across iOS 7 and 8, has finally broken its silence towards the constant public vilification and criticism by certain corners of the mobile security industry by posting an open and soul-bearing letter to its public facing website. The in-depth blog post has been given the title “Jailbreak Should not Tolerate Regional Discrimination,” and tackles many of the important issues that the team has been continually vilified for since entering the often controversial world of iOS jailbreaking.

Taking photos with our iPhones has become something that we just don’t even think about anymore. With improvements to the Camera app mounting up with each and every new version of iOS, just letting the stock app take care of everything tends to work out pretty well for the most part. And in recent times, some pretty impressive images have come out of an iPhone and the standard Camera app.

HTC One M9 Plus wallpapers are now available to download for any device in Quad HD resolution. Direct download link and details can be found here.

MacBook cases come in all shapes and sizes, although given Apple’s dogged efforts to downsize and de-bulk its famed notebook these past few years, it’s fair to say that the majority of those successful and selling well do so because they preserve the Cupertino’s ethos for compact, slick design. But while barely-there covers and shells are great for saving space and keeping dust and scratches at bay without adding too much to the overall load, I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say that none can match today’s featured MacBook case for sheer geek-delight.

Even though the likes of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – particularly given their relative infancy – can churn out a pretty high-end, graphically-intensive gaming experience, there’ll never be a true replacement for nostalgia. When we go back and wipe the dust off the SNES, Dreamcast or N64, for example, we’re not looking to be wowed by stunning visuals, but taken on a trip down Memory Lane as we relive the retro classics. Easily the simplest and cheapest way of reigniting these old flames is to use some kind of emulation software as opposed to, say, setting up an old rig, and thanks to the work of one dev, you can enjoy Super Mario 64 from right within your browser.

You can now download MovieBox 3.3 app for iPhone, iPad with support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. More details on the update can be found here.

Here’s how to check if your wireless network router (Wi-Fi) and its DNS is hacked. More details on the matter can be found right here.

Tim Cook has revealed his plans for using his massive wealth accumulated over the years for charitable causes. Head over the jump for more details on this development.

Every week, as you may know, the iTunes team responsible for the curation of the App Store hand pick an app to be featured as the free “App of the Week.” The choice is generally limited to a premium offering that serves up some exceptional content and functionality mixed with an impressive and immersive user-interface, after all, only the best-of-the-best get the Apple featured love. This week the privilege goes to Tangent by Pixie LLC – usually $1.99 – an app that provides “infinite opportunities to transform your photos into amazing works of art that can be shared and enjoyed.”

It always represents an extremely exciting period of time whenever one of the big hitters in the mobile industry introduces, and subsequently launches, a new smartphone. It’s now time for Samsung to swim in the warm glow of recognition, thanks to the imminent launch of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. As exciting as these two new devices are, the pre-launch enthusiasm could be dampened slightly by a report suggesting that the two new devices will come preinstalled with a staggering 56 – fifty six – first-party applications.

Apple today made three new Apple Watch specific stores official, with new outlets in London, Paris and Tokyo on the way come April 10th.

With time ticking away until the Apple Watch goes on sale come April 24th, everyone is wondering which of their favorite iPhone apps will get updates to take advantage of the new timepiece. While some developers have been shouting from the rooftops about what they are working on, others have kept their cards closer to their chests.

It was almost inevitable that the announcement of the Apple Watch would act as a catalyst for the introduction of a number of additional high-end competing wearables. Sure, there’s always going to be the Apple faithful who will blindly purchase whatever wares the Cupertino company chooses to roll out, but what about those who want a premium product without the hugely inflated price-tag attached? A relatively unknown startup out of San Francisco – called Olio – is looking to fill that gap by coming out of hiding with its own premium hardware and software in the form of a high-end smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 US pre-order date and T-Mobile price has been officially announced. Read on for more details.

When Apple first announced the Apple Watch back in September of last year, it didn’t shy away from the fact that a paired iPhone would be required to make good use of it. However, following the second launch announcement at the Spring Forward media event earlier this month, it has become apparent that the wearable will offer a decent amount of functionality without needing to call upon a connected iPhone, and in good news for fitness fanatics, the device can accurately track your workout data irrespective of whether you’re carrying your handset or not.

Apple is not unfamiliar with the process of receiving accolades, and after a year of breaking records and hitting targets through 2014, is very well-placed to exceed expectation this year as well. While there are plenty of components keeping the Apple gravy train in motion – from design guru Jony Ive right down to the Genius Bar staff at the company’s retail outlets – CEO Tim Cook is the head honcho; the leader of the operation. He’s seen as one of the world’s most influential figures, not just in technology, but in numerous fields such as equality of opportunity and philanthropy, and today, has been recognized as the world’s greatest leader.

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