Google has finally answered the prayers of its legions of Chrome Remote Desktop users by bringing the powerful service to Android mobile devices. The native mobile app has been made available as a free-of-charge download directly from the Google Play Store and will act as a dedicated counterpart to the existing desktop app that has proved so popular with PC and Mac users.

As much as we all love and treasure our mobile devices, we also love it when an individual or company creates and uploads a video that shows a device being pushed to its physical limits.

Microsoft is known predominantly as a software maker, with the likes of Windows and Office among its most celebrated products. But for a long time, the company has also shown that it’s not too shabby when it comes to building innovative keyboards and mice to accompany the experience of using its famed line-up, and moving with the times, the software company’s new All-in-One Media Keyboard is designed specifically with your smart TV in mind.

So, you’ve been using Facebook to stalk people, have you? Don’t worry – it’s something that most people do nowadays, and even if you do occasionally use the social network to, you know, socially network, the chances are, you’ve looked up a crush – or an ex – or a crushes’ ex using the wealth of tools embodied by that very attractive Search box. Like any good stalker, you probably don’t want to leave any traces behind you, so join us after break to discover how to clear your Facebook Search history in a couple of very easy steps.

Earlier on this month, we heard that Google would be releasing an imminent update to the Android Camera app, bringing it up to scratch with the offerings of both Samsung and HTC with their respective flagship releases. Today, the day has come, with version 2.1.037 of the native Camera bringing plenty features, including – as promised – a little fake bokeh.

Hyundai already confirmed its intention to begin rolling out CarPlay-enabled cars after striking a deal with Apple, and today, the Seoul, South Korea-based company has officially announced that the 2015 Sonata – releasing this summer – will be the very first beneficiary of Apple’s in-car variant of iOS.

A new case leak – perhaps the clearest we’ve seen so far – offers yet another insight into the shape of the so-called iPhone 6, and as well as giving us a glimpse of the rounded design traits, it also shows that the power button could move from the top to the left-hand side of the device.

Historically, Samsung has been all too willing to slander Apple and its products with ads, but for a while a few years back, the Korean outfit took a back seat, preferring to let Google take control of the Apple-bashing. But while, as has been revealed during the unfolding of events in the current Apple vs. Samsung court case in California, the Galaxy maker did cease to attack Apple for a while, the company’s marketing team saw the death former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs as “the best opportunity” to re-ignite its smear campaign.

Google has several innovative projects on the go at any one time, and while the world continues to be fascinating by Project Glass, Project Ara – the company’s endeavor to build a modular smartphone that allows specific hardware features to be swapped in and out at will – has gathered a significant amount of interest in recent weeks. It’s a concept that, if the Big G manages to pull it off, could really change the face of the smartphone market, and with a couple of teasers already having been released by the Project Ara team, we’re now hearing that the first modular handset will be available from January next year.

The tech community had collectively declared the iPhone 5c as being a flop, but given the increased attention that Apple seems to be paying to its lower-end, polycarbonate-clad handset, the reality of the situation appears to be quite the opposite. A short while back, the Cupertino company began rolling out an even cheaper, 8GB version of its smartphone line-up’s second-in-command, and today, the handset has begun retailing in a further six nations.

Google took a much needed step on Monday to update its terms of service that govern the use of its many products and offerings. As part of the update, and more than likely as part of a direct response to the numerous privacy lawsuits that are underway against the company, Google has provided some clarity on its automatic email scanning tools that form an integral part of its mail service, Gmail. Whether or not the new terms of service will be enough to appease those who have brought claims against the company via the legal system is still unknown.

Chinese case and accessory makers are always a mile ahead when it comes to making accessories for unannounced hardware, and like every year, things aren’t so different this time either, with an electronics fair being held in Hong Kong that showcases mockups of Apple’s next flagship smartphone along with its yet-to-be released accessories.

Those looking to attend Google’s big I/O developer conference can now register their interest in obtaining tickets for the event. The Big G is holding a lottery for tickets, so there’s no need to rush over to the registration page, and you have the next three days to sign up for a chance to win.

Google’s Helpouts service, which allows users connect to experts for live video help on a range of different topics, has just been released for iPhone.

No sooner is a device released boasting new and exclusive software features, than is its carcass picked at by the ravenous Android community, and said treasures are subsequently ported to the scrambling masses. The HTC One M8, which, even in the fast-moving world of the smartphone, is still brand new, offers the nicely-revamped Sense 6 launcher, which, created by HTC, is supposed to serve only devices bearing the Taiwanese company’s logo. However, “exclusivity” is simply not in the language of any respectably Android fan, and thus, it should come as little surprise that Sense 6 is well on its way to being ported to the Google-made Nexus 5.

Microsoft has been working very hard to boost consumer interest in its Office suite, offering a series of deals and promotions over the past couple of months. In the latest, the software maker will be offering full on Office 365 access in a new ‘Personal’ package that allows customers to activate the service on one PC or Mac, and one tablet, for just $69 per year. Full details can be found right after the leap.

With in-car sound specialist Alpine looking set to bring CarPlay support to existing automobiles following a report on Monday, it now appears as though rival Pioneer will also be offering something similar. In line with speculation that hit the blogosphere shortly after CarPlay was introduced alongside the iOS 7.1 software update, Pioneer will offer a CarPlay-facilitating update to a select group of its more recent in-car systems.

Google Glass is now on sale for 24 hours only, are you buying it? Take our poll at the bottom of this post and let us know. In order to be able to purchase a Glass headset, the consumer must be a resident of the United States and be legally classed as an adult. Oh, they must also be willing to part with $1,500 plus local sales tax. That bit’s important.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched last Friday, several weeks after the official announcement at Mobile World Congress, and so far, it looks to be doing rather well in terms of general sales. However, as with most new mobile releases, it hasn’t managed to escape those blasted teething issues, and the new fingerprint sensor, as revealed by a security company, is susceptible to a rather dangerous hack that can put PayPal accounts at risk.

Wherever a new technology or product is emerging, you can bet that Samsung isn’t too far behind, and in-keeping with the company’s tradition of building something for every single corner of the digital market, a new patent filing indicates that the Korean outfit is prepping a competitor to Google Glass. Unlike its Mountain View-based rival’s ongoing development in this field, the patent suggests that it will be mounted on only one side of the face, although in terms of functionality, it seems as though it will operate in a very similar manner to the Big G’s face computer.

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