The build up to any new iPhone announcement is always filled with rumors and supposedly leaked parts, and this year has been no different. Now that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are starting to work their way into the hands of us ordinary mortals, those leaked parts inevitably come into question. Just how accurate were they?

It was offered by a number of analysts even prior to the iPhone 6′s release that Apple’s decision to enlarge the display would not only prompt a record number of upgrades – which pre-order numbers appear to back up – but that also, Android users would switch in their droves. Given that the general sale has yet to commence throughout the world as yet, it’s hard to make any definitive judgments, but according to one report, quite a few Droidsters have ditched Google’s platform for the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus on iOS 8.

With the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now beginning to go on sale around the world, eager buyers are lining up in order to try and make sure they’re amongst the first to walk away with Apple’s latest wares. But what do you do when you’ve lined up for hours in the cold in order to spend a small fortune on a new smartphone?

All the rumors, all the excitement and all the guesswork has led to this point, for today Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have gone on sale around the globe, with huge lines very much the order of the day.

Did You Update To iOS 8? [POLL]

By on September 19th, 2014

So, iOS 8 is now officially out in the wild for everyone, and like iOS 7, it is expected that a large portion of the iPhone and iPad-owning community will quickly jump on the new software. But have you, our wonderful army of readers, decided to take the plunge and install iOS 8 on your device? We’d love to know if you’ve joined the ranks of the early adopters, so be sure to cast your vote in our poll below.

The Pebble smartwatch, which generated a colossal amount of hype when it emerged on Kickstarter, has essentially kick-started the market for wrist-worn gadgetry, and while the team behind this wondrously successful device have worked tirelessly in updating and improving it, there’s also a feeling that Android Wear and the new Apple Watch range will be too much for an outfit like Pebble to compete with. Nevertheless, the Pebble is still in a very strong position all told, and today, has pushed a significant firmware update that includes a myriad of features. Details, as ever, can be seen after the fold.

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus currently dominating the headlines, we’ve scarcely had the opportunity to take a proper look at Apple’s new watch line-up, which was announced in conjunction with the two new smartphones. With three main types and over thirty different varieties, the Cupertino company has clearly done its homework in bringing its first major wearable to market, and although it’ll be a few months before Apple Watch makes retail, watch aficionados and techies alike seem to have taken to both the design and ecosystem.

So, you’ve just installed iOS 8 and heard a lot about third-party widgets and keyboards. Given that both of these features are brand new and previously unheard of on Apple’s mobile software, you may be unsure as to how you might go about installing these much talked-about new treasures, and so below, we’ve got a little guide that should help you along the way.

The Twitter app for iOS has always been a tad sub-par to the standards of many ardent tweeters, but while third-party apps like Tweetbot have managed to flourish over the years, the social company continues to tweak and improve the official offering. Today’s update focuses heavily on profiles, which have been subject to a major revamp over the past few months, and given that the desktop Web version looks very much like Facebook, one could argue that the mobile app now offers a layout not too dissimilar to the official Facebook app.

How To Downgrade iOS 8 To iOS 7.1.2

By on September 19th, 2014

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2 on iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPad Air, iPad mini or even iPod touch 5.

The Family Sharing feature, as the name implies, will allow families and groups of people to share apps without having to connect to the same Apple ID. Since the introduction of the App Store, folks have shared the same account in order to save on buying many of the exact same apps or content, but the system is flawed in that every user of said account then has a list of content that they don’t want or need, and never actually downloaded in the first place. To resolve this, Family Sharing essentially binds a number of Apple IDs into one parent account, and provided that they all feed from the same credit or debit card, can readily go ahead and download apps and content purchased by other members of the same family.

Apple’s iTunes App Store is awash with content, and as the company itself pointed out at the big iPhone 6 event last week, now home to some 1.3 million apps and games. But while it’s easy to find an app you head about through a friend, say, by using the Search feature, discovering new content is not such a simple task, and with this view being shared by many users and commentators alike, Apple has just made it easier for developers to promote their stuff.

Apple’s annual iPhone launch day is now almost upon us, and with many millions having pre-ordered over the past week or so, there’ll be plenty of anxious owners waiting for the postman to knock at the door these next few days. But if you’re finding the wait to be a little tantalizing, a nifty little Web-based tool lets you track your device as it flies over the Atlantic, and provided your device is still in the air and you have a UPS tracking number, you can watch minute-by-minute coverage as it tiptoes over on a satellite map.

Although the numerous jailbreaking gurus have been relatively quiet regarding a potential untethered jailbreak for the all-new iOS 8, the Chinese team Pangu has just delivered some very encouraging news. Although the collective stopped short of putting any kind of time frame on when the world might see its very first jailbreak on the new software, the group did say that it’s well on the way to cracking the new OS, and given that Pangu was responsible for bringing Cydia to folks seemingly stranded on iOS 7.1.x, we’re quietly excited about these claims.

Emoji icons are a major part of the social experience, and in a large portion of Twitter posts and Facebook status updates, you’re likely to see a little smiley face, a thumbs up, or any one of the many other 847 emojis available. With third-party keyboard support now a part of iOS 8, developers have a new angle through which to entice the mobile market, but while the big names like SwiftKey, Fleksy and Swype have all come through with their as-expected ports of the corresponding Android apps, several others have sought to offer something a little different.

Privacy and security is a constant concern in all walks of life, but in the Digital Age, particularly so. More recently, reports of spying tactics being used by the NSA and other such bodies has had the general public up in arms, and increased the onus on manufacturers and software makers to tighten things up. Apple hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory in this respect given the recent celebrity image leaks, but with iOS 8, your photos, videos, messages and other such content apparently cannot be turned over to authorities.

As well as providing Android switchers with a guide on using its latest fleet of iPhones, Apple has just added an iOS 8 User Guide to iBooks for iPhone and iPad users. Ideal for anybody looking to get the most out of the new software, it covers every aspect from the simple stuff like sending emails to the other little quirks like using customizable keyboards, and as Apple describes in the release notes, serves as “an essential part of any iBooks library.”

Even though we’re now on the cusp of OS X Yosemite 10.10, it’s worth remembering that Mavericks is till the current version of Apple’s Mac software, and with reports suggesting that Yosemite won’t hit the Mac App Store until mid-to-late October, it’s likely to stay that way for at least another month. Thus, Apple has just rolled out OS X Mavericks 10.9.5, and with plenty of bug fixes and general performance enhancements, is worth taking the time to download.

With every new iOS release, there are those devices that, due to age and thus antiquated hardware, are sadly left behind. In the case of iOS 8, only the iPhone 4 was culled, but by the reactions of many iPhone 4s users who’ve just jumped on the new software, perhaps its successor should also have been left behind. Many owners of the 2011 flagship release have reported issues since updating to iOS 8, and with general functionality suffering as a result, those of you currently clutching a 4s may well want to hold off for the time being.

Apple has really presented developers with a license to shine with iOS 8. As well as third-party keyboard and Notification Center widget support, devs have also been given jurisdiction over Touch ID. This means that apps that would ordinarily use, say, the Passcode feature to verify or secure certain features can now include the fingerprint sensor, and below, we’ve a round-up of those who’ve instantly pushed their updated apps.

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