Apple Watch is perhaps the most awaited product from the Cupertino company after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with the smartwatch being Apple’s first attempt at the market. No surprise that Apple Watch carries the same design philosophy as seen in other Apple products, but Jony Ive – Apple’s chief designer – says that designing the smartwatch was more challenging than designing the original iPhone.

Apple has released the open source ‘Darwin’ code of OS X 10.10 Yosemite in a roll-out that occurred last night, and considering the release of Darwin 10.9 last year, has popped up right on cue.

Apple, like a number of the bigger names in the mobile industry right now, is focusing its efforts on fitness and health, integrating a number of features that will supposedly help iOS users to lead healthier and more active lives. The HealthKit infrastructure is integral to this, but while many third-party apps can aggregate iOS Health data to help us keep track of progress, this one essentially gives you a deadline for when you’ll cease to exist. So, if you’re feeling a bit morbid – it is, after all, Halloween – check out the details of this intriguing app after the break!

OS X Yosemite was released only a few weeks back, and there are already reports flying in that Apple’s desktop OS is suffering from some serious Wi-Fi related bugs.

Samsung will admit that it has a lot of work to do in order to halt declining smartphone sales in what has been described as “an extremely competitive mobile market”. It’s highly likely that we will see the company introduce a number of new devices into the market in the coming months in an attempt to find something that sticks and resonates with consumers in the same way that its ‘S Series’ of devices have in recent years. The first of those new devices, the A3 and A5, fall under the speculated ‘A’ family of hardware and has now officially been introduced by the Korean giant, and takes a lot of design cues from the Galaxy Alpha.

UPDATE: Team Pangu has released a tool to jailbreak iOS 8 to iOS 8.1 untethered on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, all iPads, and iPod touch 5. You can read more about it all, along with jailbreaking instructions, download link and more for new jailbreak in our dedicated articles given below.

The Pangu team has delivered an untethered iOS 8 – 8.1 jailbreak when we least expected it. Having surprised us with the impromptu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x, the Chinese team has come through with another solution for the all-new iOS 8.x. As mentioned in our initial coverage, dubbed as Pangu8, it works with iOS 8.0 all the way through to the latest iOS 8.1, and below, we’ll be showing you how to jailbreak your device using the tool.

As promised by the Pangu Team, the updated version of their Pangu8 utility is now available for download. Now sitting at version 1.1.0, the new and updated tool lets you jailbreak iOS 8 / 8.1 untethered, but with the added benefit of installing Cydia automatically from the get-go.

Things are definitely changing at Google, after The Wall Street Journal reported that the company’s former head of Android Andy Rubin is leaving the company.

The Moto 360 is unquestionably among the best-looking smartwatches to have released so far, and Motorola will apparently be looking to capitalize on the finesse of its flagship wearable by releasing a gold edition. Nothing has been set in stone as yet, but as with so many unannounced tech devices and products, Amazon has leaked it early. As normally occurs when Amazon leaks stuff by accident, the listing has since been pulled, but regardless, we’ve as good as confirmation that a gold variant is in the offing.

We’ve all, at some stage, found ourselves in the scenario where we pass our phones over to a friend, with the intent on showing them a photo or video, and they take it upon themselves to scan through the entire library. Many of us harbor snaps that we’d probably not want to share with everybody, and so when this unsolicited scanning frenzy begins, we often lean over to retrieve our devices before the worst occurs. But there is an easier way. There just so happens to be an in-built iOS feature that allows you to completely disable and enable touch browsing in a swift, convenient manner.

With Christian Bale having now been confirmed as playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic of the Apple co-founder, it seemed that Aaron Sorkin’s much delayed and at one point almost crippled project was starting to gather pace. Today it now looks like it’s well and truly trundling along rather nicely with rumors now swirling that the part of Jobs’ partner in creating Apple has also been cast.

The movie industry has long been concerned about the issue regarding moviegoers recording a movie using a smartphone, camera or other device. Google Glass, unlike most other camera-equipped gadgets, could be used to record a movie quite unsuspectingly, and as such, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) – the body that represents the major studios – has made a move to completely ban Glass and similar forms of wearable tech in cinemas.

With Apple touting HealthKit and Google also joining the fold with Google Fit, it was inevitable that Microsoft would join the fold at some point, and having taken the wraps off its fitness-related Microsoft Band wearable, the accompanying health and fitness platform – aptly named Microsoft Health – was also launched alongside the wrist worn gadget. Designed for the Microsoft Band, there’s an app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone right off the bat, and as ever, we’ve all of the details under one roof.

The Pangu team has just announced via Twitter that users who’ve jailbroken using Pangu8 1.0 can go ahead and install Cydia directly from the Pangu app itself. Given that Pangu 1.1 is set to arrive shortly – a release that will inject Cydia as part of the jailbreaking process – those who’ve waited so long for a simpler set of steps finally have their wish, and if you don’t want to wait for the next major installment of Pangu, you can instead pluck Cydia 1.1.14 from the current version.

The jailbreak scene has once again surpassed itself with the promptness of the release of a jailbreak for iOS 8 / 8.1. Not only do we have to applaud the work of the Chinese Pangu jailbreak team, but the endeavors of Cydia author Saurik and his developers has been just as commendable. The only issue with this untether is that it’s not exactly noob-proof, with many of the steps involved in jailbreaking, manually installing Cydia and such requiring at least a passable amount of prior knowledge. But Pangu has announced that it is well into combining its tool with the very latest version of Cydia, and once testing and consultation with Saurik has commenced, could release to the end user as soon as tomorrow.

A major update has just been made to Cydia, driving the version number up to 1.1.15 whilst adding a number of fixes largely specific to iOS 8 / 8.1, the new iPhones, and the Pangu8 jailbreak.

As far as jailbreakers are concerned, Cydia is the focal point of the entire experience. The go-to hub for tweaks, themes and other niceties, it’s considered the central portal, the nucleus of the entire operation. But as many have begun to discover with this latest Pangu8 untether, Cydia doesn’t operate alone, and in actual fact, there are a number of key apps and services driving devices that have been jailbroken. Cydia Substrate, also developed and maintained by Cydia author Saurik, is an essential piece of the jigsaw, and after a couple of major updates already since Pangu arrived ten days ago, version 0.9.5016 brings fixes for jailbreakers running older versions of iOS.

Samsung had already warned that it wasn’t going to be announcing stellar profits this quarter, but having now announced the figures themselves it’s clear that things aren’t going according to plan for the company that was once basically printing money with each new Galaxy S smartphone release.

The world of fitness accessories that talk to smartphones is starting to get interesting, and not just because Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch is going to have the sensors required to make HealthKit truly useful. Fitbit is one company that already has skin in the wearable game, and it’s not about to stand still while the competition eats its lunch.

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