Today was the day that all the talking finally stopped and Samsung took the covers off of the smartphone that it hopes will revive its flagging fortunes. Or should we say the two phones?

Here’s how you can change the OS X Yosemite lock / login screen wallpaper to a customer image you like. For more details and complete step-by-step guide, simply head past the jump.

A bunch of Swiss watchmakers are gearing up for announcing their own lineup of luxury smartwatches somewhere between Apple’s press event and the April launch of the Apple Watch.

Rumors surrounding the expected two new iPhones that Apple will launch this year are starting to solidify, with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus believed to be on course for a release around September time, if past timings are anything to go by.

The HTC One M9 has been one of the most highly anticipated, but also most leaked smartphone of the year so far. Set for an official announcement at Mobile World Congress on March 1st, the handset has seen leaks of just about every aspect of the device, and today things got a little bit worse.

The much-awaited weekend is finally here, and as usual, we’re back from our hunt to find paid apps that have gone free for a limited time. Today we have 5 Mac apps that have shed their price tags, and they’re ready to be snapped up right away. Head past the break for details and download links.

It’s not long now. Not long until the Apple Watch becomes a reality. Well, it’s real now because we’ve seen it, but I mean really real. So real we can all walk into an Apple Store and touch one. Maybe even buy one if we’re lucky.

Apple’s first entry into the wearable market is expected to ship in April, and with a March media event scheduled for the 9th, it is expected that we will start to learn more of the specifics about the Apple Watch that have so far been sorely lacking.

It’s been a little while since we heard of an iPhone setting fire to itself and causing untold havoc and destruction, so here we are. What a great way to get the weekend up and running!

Apple’s decision to open certain segments of its mobile platform up to developers with iOS 8 was much lauded by the tech community, and from a day-to-day standpoint, the introduction of third-party keyboard support has been something of a godsend. The likes of SwiftKey, Fleksy and Swype have undoubtedly made our lives a great deal easier, but even these long-standing utilities don’t solve all of our issues and gripes with typing on a mobile device. Having to re-type the same phrases and words can prove tiresome, and even though AutoFill comes to our rescue at times, there are instances whereby we just repeat ourselves time and again. Luckily, though, there’s an app for that.

It’s new iOS and Mac wallpaper time, and with Apple having just announced a new media event there is only one thing for it: turn the invite into a wallpaper.

VLC is rightly considered the best and most versatile video player of them all. Renowned predominantly for its ability to handle any and all file formats thrown at it, maker VideoLAN has been busily updating and improving its assortment of mobile variants, and today, has made a rather big announcement in this regard. The crux of it is that VLC will be returning to iPhone and iPad, having been in hiding since the launch of iOS 8; the Android version is now finally out of beta as VideoLAN also adds an app for Android TV (beta), and there are also new versions for Windows Phone and Windows RT – along with a few other notable updates across the wider VLC product range. So, not much, then.

Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.2 beta 2 and 1, making upgrade and jailbreak impossible for iPhone, iPad users. More details can be found here.

Another day, another leak; such is the story of Samsung’s Project Zero as of late. The Galaxy S6 has just been plastered all over the Internet yet again as an image of Sprint’s promotional material for Samsung’s upcoming flagship gets posted online. Head over the jump for the photo and further details on the S6’s arrival.

Apple is reportedly planning to set iOS 8.2 release date for next Monday, after keeping its mobile software in beta for quite a while. Head over the jump for further details on this news.

The Apple Watch is, without a doubt, the most anticipated wearable of 2015, and now we have CEO Tim Cook talking about how the device will become more than just a limited functionality gadget some time into its release.

Back in the earlier days of jailbreaking, TinyUmbrella was an invaluable tool. Used to extract certain device-specific files and preserve them for safe-keeping, its primary use was to create pseudo servers from which iOS users could restore / update to software that Apple was no longer signing. Put simply, Apple stepped up to the mark, essentially nullifying the usefulness of TinyUmbrella almost completely, but now, its author has defiantly outlined his intention to restore it to its former glory.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has proven itself to be an iPhone 6 ripoff even before launch, thanks to a flurry of leaked images floating around the Web, and today we’re learning that the device may ship with a new pair of earphones, bearing striking resemblance to Apple’s EarPods.

Social networks offer a means for folk to express their feelings on a public forum, but while, for the most part, status updates on Facebook consist of the odd gripe or in-depth detailing of one’s daily schedule, there are occasions where those upset, depressed, or otherwise feeling low, may wish to share more ominous, worrisome sentiments. When this occurs, there’s often that fear that an individual isn’t in a well state of mind, and may be considering taking their own life, and with Facebook connecting well over one-sixth of the world’s population, the Menlo Park firm has now added some features that may prove life-saving.

Google is offering half a dozen live recorded songs as free downloads to celebrate the recent BRIT Awards. You can get your hands on them right now by visiting the Google Play Store.

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