Here’s a complete and detailed visual comparison of Apple iOS 8 versus Google Android 5.0 Lollipop. Check out the screenshots after the jump.

The Pangu8 jailbreak for iOS 8 / 8.1 came as a big surprise for the jailbreak community, but with a lot of complexities as well. One of those complexities was missing Cydia after jailbreaking our devices. Even though Saurik updated Cydia to work with iOS 8 / 8.1, the installation method was completely manual, and still remains so at least as of this writing.

With OS X Yosemite, Apple introduced a slew of new features that were aimed at “making the world’s best operating system even better” (Apple’s claim, not mine). While there were obviously new features, like Handoff which I find immensely useful, or MailDrop, which has turned out to be pretty much a life saver for me. Still, a lot of improvements in Yosemite were around minor things; stuff that you didn’t even realize you needed before it was there. One such feature was the Dark Mode for Yosemite.

Ever wondered what would happen if you ran an iPhone 6 Plus over with a tank? No, us neither. Someone didn’t just wonder though. They did it. Twice.

This week has seen the very first jailbreak released for the new iOS 8 – 8.1 firmware, and whereas, ordinarily, the process of using a jailbreak tool is fairly simple to the end user, the decision of Chinese team Pangu to roll its exploit out so early has left a trail of compatibility issues. Fortunately Saurik, the guy behind Cydia among a number of other integral jailbreak services, has been hard at work in making the required adjustments, and having brought Cydia and Substrate up to speed, has now released an updated version of AFC2.

Turns out, the monster-of-a-tablet iPad Air 2 has actually been very modest about its specs. The device does sport an NFC chip, and this raises a few eyebrows. You see, Apple never marketed, let alone mentioned this addition to the tablet’s hardware.

The popular Camera+ app for iOS can now be downloaded on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for free. Usually priced at $2.99, the app that has earned the praise of many users and sold over 10 million copies can now be on your iOS device without the need to purchase it. Here’s how.

Given the rise in streaming music services like Spotify, the traditional digital sales model is dying a slow death, and there’s no question that Apple’s iTunes has not only been a linchpin of the digital music world during the past decade, but still remains the most popular online retailer of songs and albums. The Cupertino’s iTunes Radio streamer hasn’t really hit the heights in its short lifespan, and recognizing that it may lose ground on the rest of the field if it doesn’t adapt to the current market, it’s looking probable that the newly-acquired Beats Music service may be integrated into iTunes.

Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Samsung Galaxy S5 gets an ETA, and it seems as though it will be hitting devices around the globe sooner than we expected.

It never occurred to me back in my school days, but I can bet quite a few math students with smartphones have wished at one point or another that their phone could just give them the answer and get it over with. Enter – PhotoMath, the iOS app that scans your printed mathematical equations and solves them for you.

We now have official confirmation that Microsoft is dropping the Nokia Lumia, as well as Windows Phone brand in favor or Microsoft Lumia for all its smartphone devices. A Microsoft Lumia smartphone is also set to be revealed by the software giant in the coming days.

The iPad Air 2 Bend Test [Video]

By on October 24th, 2014

Around this time last month, the tech. world was abuzz with reports that the iPhone 6 Plus was susceptible to accidental bending when placed in a pocket. Naturally, a furore ensued, with Apple fanboys and haters alike taking it in turns to exchange e-blows, but after a week or two of tit-for-tat, the whole “saga” died down. Still, with the original viral video having garnered a considerable number of views on YouTube, it’s no surprise that we’ve since been treated to several other bend tests relating to a number of other handsets, and with Apple’s iPad Air 2 having just been announced, it was only fitting that the new and improved slab was given the same treatment.

The Bendgate saga, which, in hindsight, consisted of a number of small incidents that escalated out of proportion, certainly blemished the first couple of weeks of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch. But while that particular episode appears to have blown over, another more serious issue seems to be cropping up. It pertains to the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, with many units crashing continuously, often leaving users in an infinite reboot loop, and while Apple has been replacing a number of afflicted handsets, some owners are already on their fourth unit.

Here’s a complete step by step guide on how to enable and use the Instant Hotspot feature between a Mac running OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1 running iPhone or iPad.

A quick access to the brightness setting of your phone is one of those finer things in life which you just cannot do without. iOS 8.1 has taken a sharp turn from the conventional means of brightness adjustment and has a built-in trick to get that done on all iPhones out there.

With the new iPads almost ready for retail, prospective buyers along with current owners will be on the lookout for some new apps and games to fill their devices up with, and if you like modifying and tweaking your images, today’s featured offering has more features than you could wave a brush at.

Apple’s acquisition of TestFlight has given a whole new dimension to pre-release features and apps, allowing interested parties to aid the process of development and improvement as an app is readied to go live. Now, Apple has opened up the TestFlight beta to everybody after a period of internal-only testing, so if you’ve been waiting to give it a whirl, now’s your chance.

The team at Microsoft Garage just released three apps for Google’s Android platform. The ‘Next Lock Screen’, ‘Journeys and Notes’, and ‘Torque’ apps coming in from the team signify the direction that Microsoft Garage is taking, by letting employees create cross-platform apps in their spare time.

Google has pushed out the first big update for Android Wear. According to the official Android blog, the 4.4W.2 update brings in GPS support for devices with built-in sensors, and the much demanded support for offline music playback.

Back in the old days of the Internet, one thing that thrived above everything else was the concept of chat rooms. People would spend hours and hours in IRC rooms, hiding behind pseudonyms and being whoever they wanted to be. In the days of Java-based feature phones, applications like Mig33 and Nimbuzz attempted to bring this concept to the world of mobile communication as well, but they didn’t meet much luck at that. The same concept that was massively popular on computers, never really caught on on the cellular world.

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