The Apple Watch is without a doubt the sleekest device the Cupertino giant has made till date. Comprising of high profile manufacturing materials – aluminum, stainless steel and gold – the new wearable screams quality inside out. And now, a video interview of the man behind the design of the watch – Sir Jony Ive – has been published online, in which he, along with Marc Newson, discuss the design process along with other details of the Apple Watch.

What’s better than having a weekend to relax and spend time with your beloved iPhone or iPad – or, perhaps, your shiny new Apple Watch. Well, we can think of one better, and that is having paid apps that have become free for a limited time that you can download to your iOS device and have better fun with it. Today, we bring to you 6 great apps that will cost you bucks otherwise, but have gone free for a limited time. Go through the list and get downloading!

Here’s our detailed Apple Watch Sport unboxing, overview and setup process with iPhone. Complete details, along with video, can be found right here.

Apple Watch Sport extreme torture and drop test recorded on video. Details and video clip can be found right here.

The Apple Watch is just 24 hours old now, but if you find yourself having not already spent too much money this week, you can now walk into at least one Apple Store and buy yourself a new charging cable.

Here’s how to turn Apple Watch Sport into gold Edition model without spending thousands of dollars. More details and video can be found here.

These are the top 50 best Apple Watch apps which every new user should download. The complete list can be found right here.

Here’s a drop test video review of Rhino Shield Crash Guard bumper case for iPhone 6 Plus. Full details and video review can be found here.

A video that has just surfaced online is sparking some serious speculations that the Apple Watch is likely to support wireless charging through Qi-compatible power mats. The video apparently shows a Moto 360 smartwatch being charged by the Apple Watch charger, which has led many to believe that power mats may actually just work out for the Apple wearable.

The infamous Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is back today with a new smartphone. Called the Mi 4i, the design, as expected, looks every bit like Apple’s iPhone 5c from the outside.

Despite countless reports and Apple having allowed interested parties to check the Apple Watch out firsthand, we knew that some hidden treasures would not be unveiled until after the launch. As well as the numerous stress tests that have begun popping up, we’ve also been treated to a few teardown demonstrations, which offer a close-up glimpse at the device’s innards, and while most of the internal components are arranged as would perhaps be expected, an interesting oxygen-measuring sensor has also reared its head.

Apple has just rolled out a newly-designed 5W USB wall charger for customers in the United Kingdom that features folding pins, which is not only a space-saver when the plug isn’t in use, but also renders it less of a hazard. We first caught wind of the new UK charger earlier on in the month, and you’ll find details, including price and availability, right after the fold.

It was inevitable that Apple would roll out a few new advertisements this week with its new smartwatch on the horizon, and to coincide with the Apple Watch’s launch across nine nations today, a total of three short ads have been released. Aside from each ending with the slogan: “The Watch is here,” they all attempt to show the various uses of the device that skeptics are labeling a fad, although unfortunately, anybody unsure as to why they’d need to buy an Apple Watch will probably be no better off after viewing the one-minute shorts.

Apple Watch waterproof test is here. See how Apple’s latest wearable fares under a water splash, shower or the swimming pool. More details and video can be found here.

With the Apple Watch officially seeing the light of day today, it’s fitting that some light be shed on its warranty coverage as well – perhaps in too much detail for our taste.

The successful roll-out of the Apple Watch doesn’t simply rest on the devices shipping out to those who pre-ordered it back on April 10th – there are several components to this major new product hitting the ground running. The Apple Watch App Store, complete with a reported 3,000+ apps, has just been launched, and now, the Apple Watch User Guide has also been published online on the Cupertino’s very own website, while also being available to download from iBooks.

Amazon has just updated its iOS app which now adds support for the Apple Watch. This new update gives users the ability to search, buy or save products to their wish list right from Cupertino’s new wearable.

Want to see Apple CEO Tim Cook dancing? Well who doesn’t honestly, but Tim is really brining it home with his dance moves that have a bit of everything, as he puts his non-skills at display at a live concert in Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters.

It’s almost Apple Watch time and a number of our favorite apps have been updated to support the impending wearable. Philips Hue, a smart, energy-efficient lighting system that can be controlled directly from iOS, has just brought Apple Watch into the equation with its latest update, letting you easily adjust or turn out the lights without even needing to pick up your iPhone or iPad.

In a world where the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are meant to counter the increasing market share of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Korean giant’s front runner is not really setting the stage on fire at home as far as sales are concerned. According to a new report, Samsung is looking at just 20,000 units sold per day since the phone was released.

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