Many different casual gaming formats have thrived amid the rise of the App Store and Google Play, and among the multitude of physics-based puzzlers and platform titles, the endless runner has been rather dominant. The Temple Run series has been one of the most successful to date, and thanks to Apple, one of the more popular installments is free for a very limited time. More details, as well as that all-important download link, can be seen after the break.

Full iOS 8.2 changelog has been leaked which details what’s new in the upcoming update for iPhone and iPad. More details can be found right here.

You can now download PlayBox HD app for iPhone, iPad from the App Store. It offers free streaming of movies and TV shows without jailbreak. More details and download link can be found here.

Apple TV 4 features and release date time frame has been revealed in a new and detailed report. More details can be found right here.

Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview for Mac is now available to download for anyone. For more details on the update, and where to get it from, head past the jump.

This brilliant little online tool will help you determine, mix and match different Apple Watch styles, to give you an idea how the smartwatch will look according to your tastes. If you’re looking forward to grabbing the smartwatch but are unsure about the style you want to go with, head over the jump and indulge yourself in this Apple Watch dress up realm.

Google’s Gmail app for iOS has been updated today, bringing with it a host of new iOS 8-based features. More details and download link can be found right here after the break.

A new report has surfaced, suggesting that the Apple Watch will give users the option to add personal engraved messages on the device. Read on past the jump for more details on this development.

Reports are coming in that the larger, 12.9-inch iPad from Apple – being dubbed as the iPad Air Plus – is likely to sport USB 3.0 ports to support connections for external devices. Head over the jump for further details on this news.

Apple’s much rumored and highly anticipated iPad Air Plus may have had its release pushed back for a second time, according to a new report.

When Imgur first launched, its main claim to fame was as the image service attached to the ever popular Reddit, but as time has gone on, it has built a reputation all of its own. After a failed attempt at bringing a presence to iOS and subsequently pulling the app after a year, Imgur is once again back on the platform following its app’s re-release.

Apple is expected to offer the tech world a closer look at its upcoming smartwatch during next week’s ‘Spring forward’ event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and has already begun preparations for said gathering by placing a series of banners and other effects at the venue. The building has played host to several major product announcements in the past, so it seems fitting that it should be chosen for the launch of a product that could possibly take the market by storm, and below, you can check the developments of the Yerba Buena as March 9th draws ever closer.

The headlines, as far as Apple’s notebook range is concerned, have all been pointing towards the slick and compact 12-inch MacBook Air, which will supposedly feature a significant redesign. Having continued to elude us, it’s expected to be announced at next week’s special media event, at which point Apple will almost certainly offer specifics on the Apple Watch. But the blogosphere, as it so often does, has thrown us a curve-ball, with newly-leaked specs pointing to a refresh of the current 13-inch model.

A new report suggests that Apple and HBO are in talks to bring the service provider’s new Web-only channel to Apple TV. More details on the news can be found right after the break.

The way that apps and games are distributed and consumed has shifted greatly in the past decade, with the likes of the App Store and Google Play permitting anybody with a little knowledge to create, share, and potentially forge a living from making apps. Those looking to create apps, games and experiences on Microsoft’s Xbox One will be pleased to learn that the software giant has finally launched an SDK to select testers, with view to a broader roll-out for interested devs in the coming months.

Being able to plug high capacity microSD cards into smartphones has long been the best way to get large music collections, movies and huge number of photos onto most devices. As a result, the market for microSD cards has grown and grown, with power-users lapping up larger and larger capacity cards. SanDisk has now upped the ante after announcing its largest capacity card to date.

Apple’s expected 2015 refresh of the iPhone lineup could see the smartphone receive 2GB of memory as well as an Apple SIM, following in the footsteps of the iPad Air 2.

With Samsung set to launch the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in April, the Korean giant has just released a video via its YouTube channel, giving us a quick look at the packaging and the unboxing for both the variants of the device. Head over the jump to catch the details and the video as well.

Nvidia is really taking up its Shield business up a notch as it announces the third iteration of the device, which put simply, is the world’s first Android TV console to support 4K content. Head over the jump to catch all the details of the gadget.

The iPhone 6 is without a doubt one of the hottest smartphones out there, and it’s about to get hotter – literally. If you ever wondered what the melting point of a brand new iPhone 6 was, this blowtorch-meets-iPhone 6 video might help shed some light on it.

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