The Apple iPhone 6 is less than two days from launch in many parts of the world, and arguably one of the most pleasurable things about receiving a brand-new device, besides using it, of course, is found in the unboxing process. From taking off the cellophane to peeling away the display’s film, it’s a joyous occasion, and some lucky folk have already had the opportunity to indulge. Thankfully, the team in question decided to video the unboxing of the iPhone 6 for all to see, and below, you can check it out.

iOS 8 will finally drop for users the world over today, and according to those who have used the beta bits of it, the OS brings a completely refreshed user experience owing to the backend changes that Apple has implemented. The new and improved operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad not only brings a plethora of features to play with, but also more APIs for developers to utilize in their offerings. One of the most significant amongst these is opening up the Touch ID API to the likes of 1Password, DashLane and LastPass, so that users can sign into websites even in Safari (or any browser of their choice) using the Touch ID sensor. 1Password has already demonstrated that its feature set works just fine during the beta builds of iOS 8, and now, the app is available for free for a limited time due to a glitch in Apple’s system. More details and download link can be found right after the jump.

Following on from the release of the initial segment, the second part of Tim Cook’s in-depth interview with Charlie Rose has now been published, and is available to watch in full.

It’s iOS 8 release day today! If you have a compatible device capable of installing and running iOS 8, then it’s that time of the year again when you should be making a full backup, absorbing the release schedule in your territory and preparing yourself to enter the lottery that is progressing past Apple’s authentication servers.

Want to permanently SIM unlock your HTC One M8 Android smartphone and use any SIM card with it? Here’s a complete step by step tutorial on how to do so.

It was suggested in the build-up to the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, particularly by analysts, that Apple’s decision to increase the display real estate would prompt a surge in upgrades. The same reports also indicated that hordes of Android users would jump ship, and the 4+ million pre-orders of the Cupertino company’s latest smartphone would appear to corroborate this notion. While, for existing iPhone users, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will seem familiar for the most part, those making the leap from Android mightn’t be as seamless, and so, rather nobly, Apple has prepped a guide on how those switching allegiances can do so painlessly.

Tech and fashion are always combining, and you only have to look at the recent introduction of the Apple Watch, notably the Watch Edition series, for evidence of this union. But while the market for wearables will undoubtedly force vendors to collaborate with fashion houses, the new custom PS4 Nike Air Jordans are something quite remarkable.

As you know by now, iOS 8 download links for final version are live for iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4S, iPad 2 and over, iPod touch 5G. iOS 8 brings a ton of new features to supported devices. More information on the features new in iOS 8 can be found here.

How would you feel about one single keyboard accessory that works with your smartphone or tablet, regardless of the platform that powers it? Microsoft has today introduced its new “Universal Mobile Keyboard” that can function with Apple iPads, iPhones, Android powered smartphones and tablets as well as all Windows based tablets that contain Bluetooth Human Interface Device support (HID) and are 10mm or thinner.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the two major talking points this week as both await release, and although the devices aren’t set to ship until Friday, early video reviews of each are already beginning to emerge. We know many of you have already bought or are planning to buy at least one of these two new handsets, so check out the details right after the break!

After releasing a number of devices without the functionality, Apple finally made the decision to add NFC compatibility to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as announced at last Tuesday’s media event. Integration of NFC technology is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, but if you had grand ambitions of purchasing the iPhone 6 with the intention of pairing it with your treasured NFC devices then you’ll need to put those plans on hold. Sources from within the Cupertino company have confirmed that the NFC capabilities of the iPhone 6 will be locked down from within to only be compatible with the company’s own Apple Pay mobile payment system, with no indication of when, or if, that limitation will be lifted.

Tomorrow is the big day when Apple will push the big red button after which the final release of iOS 8 will be available to all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users around the globe. And in order to prepare our readers for the big update, we’ve outlined a handy guide which will ensure that the whole process will go smoothly for everyone.

We’re back once again with another handful of great apps and games to grace your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. There are five in all, worth a grand total of twelve bucks, so be sure to check them out after the leap!

When we purchase our beloved mobile gadgets from the various stores that retail them, we almost forget the amount of work and the numerous processes that go into producing a freshly boxed, factory sealed device. With Apple having already taken some 4 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders, the shipments are arriving by the plane load, and below, we have a rare, first-hand look at the process of hauling them over by air.

The only surprise about the Chinese designed and manufactured Sophone i6 is that it’s taken exactly a week after Apple’s media event to get into the public eye. The Chinese smartphone industry has a reputation for being quick off the mark when it comes to producing copies of leading industry devices, so it’s no surprise that this unapologetic iPhone 6 clone is now available. We can only imagine that the manufacturers behind the Sophone are the first in what will be a long line of Chinese companies to produce a similar offering in the coming weeks.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus offer a myriad of exciting new features, but while the 8-megapixel rear-facing camera has been improved, it still doesn’t boast the kind of functionality laid on by rivaling handsets. The Samsung Galaxy S5, for example, shoots video in 4K, something that you cannot do on an iPhone. However, thanks to a new third-party app, you can do so even on the iPhone 5s, although the only catch is, said app costs a cool $1,000. Yes, you read that correctly. One. Thousand. Dollars.

Microsoft has officially invited members of the press to join in on September 30, 2014 “to hear about what’s next for Windows and the enterprise”. The event will be held in San Francisco and is widely expected to heavily feature the future of Windows by focusing on the next version of the operating system. The official invites have started to land in the mailboxes of the invited elite today, with invitees expecting to be part of an in-depth discussion about the company’s plans for Windows 9, led by Joe Belifore and Terry Myerson.

By and large, jailbreaking is a relatively safe affair to perform, and as long as you abide by the precautionary steps that must be taken when opening areas of the ecosystem ordinarily shut off by Apple, you’re generally safe. However, given that third parties can access root files, things can sometimes go horribly wrong, and with the jailbreak scene having been afflicted by two widespread incidents in the past five months, another piece of malicious software is said to be capable of stealing your Apple ID and password to buy apps without your consent.

Apple’s close relationship with U2 has been long-standing and, from an outsider’s point of view, pretty harmless. Indeed, the fact that the Irish band’s latest album Songs of Innocence was to be released for free as an iTunes exclusive was clearly a win for the consumer. The move, which was announced after Apple’s iPhone 6 event last week, presumably meant that U2 fans could get their fill for free – excellent – while non-U2 fans could just skip the release. Much to the surprise of just about everyone outside Apple, though, the album was pushed out to just about everyone with an iOS device, much to the bemusement of those who don’t happen to like U2.

With over four million pre-orders and counting, the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is going to be huge, but while only a handful of countries will see the new devices this coming Friday, September 19th, Apple has just announced that a host of other nations will be joining the party next week. On September 26th, 22 further locations will see the all-new Apple smartphones, and if you’re wondering whether yours has been included, check out the full run-down after the break!

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