We’re back with nine more jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10 to iOS 10.2 this weekend, including YouTubeVolume, Zeal, NotifyCensored, Fuji, Low Power Modder and more.

To celebrate the end of support for Windows Vista, an iPhone 7 has been hacked to run the much maligned operating system by Microsoft.

For those of you who happen to be in the mood to spend a little money on themselves, you have most definitely arrived at the correct location. As is usually the case at this time of day, we have some wonderful technology deals available right now at your fingertips.

tvOS 10.2 beta users have received a ‘What’s New’ splash screen on their Apple TVs detailing additional new features. Here are the details.

You can now download Kodi 17.1 Krypton IPA, compatible with iOS 10, and get it installed without jailbreak onto a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device. Here are the details.

iOS 10.3 update will alter the way devices store files with the introduction of Apple File System, or APFS. Here’s why you might want to backup your device before the big update.

Amazon Prime is great if you find yourself ordering a lot of things from Amazon and your orders to arrive as quickly as possible. Prime Now is even better. But what is better than Prime Now? How about Prime deliveries within 30 minutes? That’s exactly what Amazon Prime Air claims to be able to offer, and the company has carried out its first public demonstration in the United States in which a drone made a pre-arranged delivery of sunscreen.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced the addition of the extremely rare Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados to the popular iOS and Android game.

A new iOS 10 jailbreak tweak called Zeal replaces the stock low battery warning message with a customisable alert, which can take place as a banner.

Some publicity you just cannot buy, and that’s the category this story falls into after it was reported that Apple’s Siri saved the life of a woman who was found unconscious by her 4 year-old son who then had the presence of mind to use her iPhone, and Siri, to call the emergency services.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it is time to get those wallets and credits cards out again to introduce some wonderful new technology into your life. And of course, as per our daily usual, the deals are heavily reduced and designed to bring the goodness to your screen without the huge financial outlay. Enjoy.

You should probably go ahead and protect or secure your iCloud account right now. Here’s the real reason as to why you may want to do it.

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