The anticipation for the Apple Watch’s consumer roll-out this Friday is building with every moment that passes, and the wait for those who pre-ordered early has just gotten a little bit more tantalizing as Apple begins charging credit cards in advance of shipment. For many, the device is still listed as “processing items,” but for others, the status has advanced to “preparing for shipment,”and if you’re expecting to receive your Apple Watch by Friday, you may want to check the tracking and delivery status.

The Apple Watch has adorned the wrist of many celebrities as we close in on the consumer launch, and a number of high-profile figures have willfully sported variants of the higher-end Apple Watch Edition range. Some, such as Drake, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and J.J. Abrams, have had to settle for those currently up for pre-order, while others, such as designer Karl Lagerfeld and former rugby player Will Carling, have been treated to exclusive combinations that are not immediately available to purchase. Now, recording artist Beyoncé Knowles has got in on the act, and she has also been snapped rocking the gold link bracelet variant first demonstrated by Lagerfeld.

Apple Watch is packed to the rafters with toys, both hardware and software-related, and among them, users will get a heart rate monitor. Part and parcel of the wearable’s investment in fitness and health, we’re led to believe that it will provide accurate readings of a user’s heart rate, and now, the company has shed some light on precisely how the technology will work.

Apple is a company dedicated to the advancement of technology, the field from which it has spawned, but has also drawn praise for its efforts to make the world a better place. Like most tech firms, most of its production is based in China and other parts of Asia, but in recent times, it has shifted manufacturing to the U.S. for products like the Mac Pro. In its continued strive to aid the environment, the Cupertino giant has released a new video clip that highlights its commitment to a greener business model that positively affects the planet.

Apple is being asked by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in the U.S. to switch on FM radio functionality in the iPhone, arguing that the service serves a number of benefits when compared to streamed data-based radio content. While we’re at it, yes the iPhone has a dedicated chip for FM radio, but Apple has chosen to disable it.

A video of the Apple Watch booting up from scratch has just surfaced online, giving us a look at just how long it takes for Apple’s new wearable to go from being powered off to displaying the watch face.

Google has just announced a new update for Android Wear. The update is easily one of the biggest we have seen in a long while coming out for Android Wear powered devices. Features such as hands-free gestures, Wi-Fi support, emoji drawing and more are headed right to your wrist.

According to new estimates, the Apple Watch is likely to hit the 3 million sales mark in the first two weeks of it going on pre-order, generating a massive revenue of $2 billion. Reports are suggesting that Apple’s new wrist-strapped gadget could in fact be the company’s most profitable product ever.

Carrying on from the recent announcement of its Xperia Z4 Tablet that was introduced as part of MWC 2015 last month, Sony has now taken the wraps off its latest flagship smartphone – Xperia Z4. Fans of the Xperia lineup of smartphones will be pleased to know that the latest Z4 hasn’t deviated hugely from its predecessor – Xperia Z3 – in terms of aesthetic design, but does come with improved technical specifications under-the-hood.

The Apple Watch has already managed to make quite a splash in the wearable market, and that’s before consumers even have it in on their wrists. With an estimated over two million pre-order sales, it’s almost certain that the first incarnation of the company’s “most personal product yet” will become an instant hit with technologists. As with most products that ship from the Cupertino giant, the Apple Watch is a masterclass hybrid of cutting edge design and engineering and now, thanks to the intricate work of Martin Hajek, we can now get an exploded look at the internals of the precise timepiece, thanks to a set of custom created 3D renders.

Stefan Esser, who goes by the name of i0n1c, has managed to jailbreak iOS 8.4. He posted a video proof of it, showing his iPhone 6 Plus running jailbroken iOS 8.4 beta 1.

Here’s how you can fix iOS 8.3 Bluetooth issues on your iPhone or iPad. More details and fixes can be found here.

A new app allows students to take photos of their homework and then get tailored, personalized responses and help from both tutors and their peers, and it’s available for the iPhone now.

The weekend is here, and as usual, we are bringing to you the goodness of some quality apps; apps that normally carry a price tag. If you are looking to get your hands on some quality titles this weekend for your Mac, head over the jump to a catch a list of some paid apps that have gone free for a limited period.

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A special Apple Watch sport bands collection has been revealed at the Salone Del Mobile Design in Milan, Italy. On display were new colors for the sport band, some of which we might have seen before as well.

Microsoft has released its first ever Apple Watch app, but it’s probably not the one you may have expected. You can catch more details on this news right here.

We told you a few weeks ago how WWE 2K was set to be released in spring and today that has happened, with the wrestling game is available to download for both iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play. You’ll need to hand over $7.99 in order to play it, but there’s plenty to get your teeth into once you have.

Here’s how to add iOS like charging chime to your Mac running OS X. For complete details, check out our guide here.

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