This video shows Samsung’s 2017 Galaxy S8 facing off against Apple’s 2015 iPhone 6s in a side-by-side speed and memory management comparison.

A news report alleges that U.S. President Donald Trump’s iPhone has so many restrictions in place that it only allows access to one app.

You can now download and install Kodi 17.3 IPA on your iOS 10 powered iPhone or iPad. Best of all, no jailbreak is required for this to work.

We have reached that time of the day again when you get to sit back, relax, and purchase some truly wonderful technology without fear of having to pay over-the-top prices. As always with our tech deals, you can instantly introduce some new hardware without bringing financial difficulty onto yourself.

You can now download Pokemon Magikarp Jump for both iOS and Android APK device right now. Here are the details on this latest mobile game to come out of Nintendo.

It is very unusual for Apple, or Beats Electronics for that matter, to offer any significant discount on its premium software and products. Hardware that normally flies off the shelves theoretically doesn’t actually need to have any discount applied to it to make it appealing to consumers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of an absolute deal by getting 40% off the Beats Studio Wireless over-ear headphones right now.

Internet-based mail order spectacle company Warby Parker has released an iPhone app that may be able to go some way to replace the need for a visit to an optometrist for some people.

Extra_recipe+yaluX beta 3 jailbreak is now available to download with Cydia Substrate support for iOS 10.1.1 running iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. Here are the details.

You can now download Kodi 17.3 APK for Android, as well as a executable for other platforms, with fix for missing add-ons issue among other things.

Sphero is a household name these days thanks to its work to create the remote controlled BB-8 Droid that took the world by storm a couple of Christmases ago, and the company is once again working its magic in readiness for the cinematic release of Cars 3.

Drone maker DJI is already hugely popular among those who like to fly around and take video of their surroundings, and today the company announced its smallest, simplest and cheapest drone yet during the #SeizeTheMoment” event in New York City today. The drone, dubbed the DJI Spark, will retail for $499 when it ships next month. Pre-orders are available today.

It has now been confirmed that Kodi 17.3 will soon be available to download in order to fix ‘packaging issue’ in the v17.2 release. Here are the details.

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