A fresh report that is bound to turn many heads, Nike has fired most of its engineers working on the FuelBand and will stop production of the famous wearable.

We’ve had some pretty decent insight into iOS 8 of late, and with this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2014) kicking off in early June, it has also been reported that internal testing is being ramped up in anticipation for the beta roll-out. Now, images of an iPhone 5s supposedly running the forthcoming software have leaked into the wild, and although there’s no way of telling whether or not we’re looking at the real deal or a nifty bit of fakery, the pixelated nature of the snaps suggest the latter.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been on sale for exactly one week, and the Korean company’s famed advertising machine has, for the duration, been in full flow. In a move to help owners accustom themselves to the Galaxy S5 – as well as to try and convince fence-sitters that its latest and greatest handset is the one for them – Samsung has detailed a list of ten ‘hidden’ features of its latest and greatest smartphone.

The iOS jailbreak malware, identified as Unflod.dylib or simply Unflod, looks to have originated from China. Here’s how to find it on your iPhone or iPad, and then subsequently remove it.

Facebook has just released version 1.1 of its Paper app for iPhone. The magazine-style alternative to the official Facebook app brings many traditional features to the table, including the ability to check birthdays and events, post photos as comments, view group updates and follow the latest coverage from the 9 new article covers.

Along with Project Ara, Project Glass, and all of the other exciting innovations that Google has going right now, the company’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) team also took the wraps off Project Tango back in February. The aim of Project Tango’s mapping technology is to allow common devices such as smartphones to perceive space, objects and movements in the manner that humans do, and in order to really test the resolve of its emerging invention, the Mountain View-based company has teamed up with NASA for some zero-gravity testing.

The blogosphere may have been somewhat dominated by the speculation surrounding the iPhone 6 of late, but now, the very first insight into the supposed successor to the iPad Air has been revealed to the world. The leak, revealingly, showcases a new, integrated display, which would allow the already-svelte device to take on an even thinner form factor.

One of the great things about the Google-branded Nexus range – besides the fact that users can enjoy untouched Android and swift, timely updates – is that the devices themselves are considerably cheaper than comparable products. But while the likes of the Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 5 smartphone continue to offer a fairly high-end experience on a budget, the search giant could take things a step further with a sub-$100 handset.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie is about to launch next month, and as anticipated, the accompanying title is now also available to download for both Android and iOS.

Apple’s next major smartphone release, which for obvious reasons, is reckoned to carry the iPhone 6 moniker, has been leaked ad nauseam these past few weeks, with schematics, cases and other such information having recently come to light. Resident designer Martin Hajek has, based upon the very latest info at our disposal, come up with some renderings of the forthcoming handset, and if they happen to be in any way representative of the end product, we could be in for a bit of a treat.

Facebook has continued the recent trend of improving its mobile app by releasing version 9.0 of its native iOS app. Updates for the official primary Facebook app and secondary Messenger chat app have been coming thick and fast in recent weeks as the world’s largest social network puts in place plans to transition chat and messaging functionality away from the main app.

What with Facebook being a public company these days, making money just so happens to be one of its primary objectives, but while we’re more than used to seeing ads every time we log into the social network, the new auto-playing video ads feel just a little obtrusive. If you’re irritated by these recently-introduced advertisements, then you’ll be pleased to know that, for the time being, at least, there’s a way out. Below, we take you through the steps on how to deactivate them, regardless of whether you’re on Android, iOS or the Web.

With Google having announced the smartwatch-optimized Android Wear OS as short while ago, it’s looking increasingly likely that Apple will respond with a device of its own. Even though, as revealed last year, the Cupertino company has apparently assigned a dedicated team to the process of developing the so-called “iWatch,” we don’t, as yet, have much idea as to its form factor. The various concept designers have regularly offered their takes on what might be in the offing, and Nermin Hasanovic’s latest effort presents a very circular, Moto 360-esque approach.

Earlier on this month, A3Tweaks finally took the wraps off Auxo 2, the second-coming of the revolutionary multitasking tweak. After a bunch of teasers, it has been well worth the wait, and in a swift update, Auxo 2 has just been bumped to version 1.1 with support for the larger display of the iPad.

When you think of Hitman, your immediate image is probably of a cold, besuited and inhumane character whose job it is to get rid of people for cold cash. That is, after all, the role of a hitman, and when you think back to previous Hitman titles, it’s no wonder you have such a gruesome recollection. But with Hitman GO, a new mobile game released today for iOS, developer Square Enix has taken a decidedly alternative approach, essentially turning Hitman into a puzzling, intriguing board game.

One of the lingering questions encircling the initial excitement around Google’s Glass project was just how it was going to support wearers of prescription lenses. After all, it seems a rather twisted irony that, so far, the majority of folks able to fully enjoy the Explorer Edition of Google Glass have been those who don’t usually wear glasses. But the Big G has been working on a solution for some time, and having rolled out the Titanium Collection back in January, is now offering a try-before-you-buy option to prospective Explorers.

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature called Nearby Friends which, as the name suggests, helps you to connect with those on your friends list who happen to be close-by. The tool is optional, however, so if you do wish to remain off the radar, you’re not obliged to participate.

Even though the iPhone 5s is scarcely halfway through its life cycle and we still have around five months until the release of the so-called “iPhone 6,” the blogosphere has been abuzz with reports and speculation pertaining to Apple’s next-in-line. From what we can gather, there’ll be at least one new, larger handset ready for the fall release period, and according to reports, it will pack a 4.7-inch display. Now, one tech fan has sought to offer an idea of how apps might look when optimized for the new, larger panel.

The iPhone 5c mightn’t have taken off in the manner that Apple would have hoped, but this hasn’t stopped the concept makers from trying to dream up designs for its would-be successor. Based upon sketches leaked out into the wild, designer Ferry Passchier mocked up some renders of the so-called “iPhone 6″ a short while back – and beautiful they were. Now, he’s gone back to the drawing board, so to speak, and re-created the same concept but with plasticky, iPhone 5c-like overtones.

Apple released iOS 7.1 back in March, and with it, introduced CarPlay, iTunes Radio enhancements, and several other minor tweaks and alterations. Today, reports suggest that iOS 7.1.1 release is on its way, although it appears that said update will focus on house-keeping, with the usual spate of bug fixes and general performance enhancements.

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