‘Candid’ can be a tricky little word, but that’s what best describes this new case for the iPhone 6, which made its initial debut last year in April for the iPhone 5 and 5s. Called COVR, the case has a built-in prism lens that can slide atop the iPhone’s camera lens allowing users to take photos without having to hold the phone upright and in front of your face.

iOS has seen its fair share of encrypted messaging apps, specifically those offering a secret-agent like experience. If you’re an emoji fan, then this new messaging app with its emoji based encryption will not only keep your texts a secret from prying eyes, but chances are no one will bother looking much deeper into a message consisting of nothing but an expressive bunch of characters.

We’re getting to that time of year where graphic artists start to try and guess what the next iPhone will look like and what features it will contain, with concept art popping up all over the Internet. There are so many new concepts appearing every day that we can’t possibly tell you about them all, but when one appears to mimic the design aesthetic of the Apple Watch, we thought you might like to see it.

Here’s how you can use animated GIFs on Facebook. This GIF support is official, and it’s very easy to get along with it.

Sometimes as the build up to a new iPhone gets to a point of fever pitch we start to see anyone and everyone with some CAD skills rush out to create concept art of what the new device will look like. The whole thing is rather entertaining and sometimes one of the designs end up at least close to what Apple ends up shipping.

iPhone Messages app crash bug affects Twitter, Snapchat and even Mac OS X Messages app too. More details on this can be found here.

Step by step tutorial on how to download and install Android M developer preview on Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player using a Mac. This is the easiest and fastest method to flash Android image on your device.

We’re always on the lookout for new apps, and when they include something like an Apple Watch component while filling a void left by Apple’s own apps we can’t help but take notice. One such app is the email client Spark, created by the prolific and all around excellent team at Readdle.

As it stands right now, Apple’s latest high-end model of the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro is capable of supporting 5K displays, and this is official word from the Cupertino based giant. The notebook is also the first in the company’s MacBook lineup to officially support single-stream 4K displays at 4096×2160 @ 60Hz. Further details can be found right here.

Google managed to turn a lot of heads with its Project Tango initiative last year which was coupled with a tablet introduced as the test-bed for the project. The tablet has always been touted as a developer oriented gadget and was only available to buy through an invitation. This has now changed, as the Mountain View-based company releases the mysterious device for anyone willing to pay for it.

There are quite a few iOS apps that go free on the App Store once in a while, but nothing beats the free ‘App of the Week’ initiative by Apple which brings forth one quality app every week but with the usual price tag shed off. This week’s offering happens to be a game called Hyper Square, a puzzler which usually retails for $1.99 on the App Store.

Google has announced a new collaboration partnership with GoPro – the makers of extremely popular high-definition video cameras that have become the module of choice for motorcyclists, divers and extreme sports fans around the globe. The recently announced collaboration has been struck as part of an effort to build a virtual reality filming rig using multiple GoPro cameras that will then be partnered with Google’s Jump software that was introduced as part of this year’s I/O conference.

If you’re into walking around museums and visitor attractions that are dedicated to life-sized wax models of prominent individuals from history – as well as modern times – then the chances are you would have paid attention to Madame Tussauds announcement last month. The world famous wax museum asked the American public to vote on which technology icon they would like to see immortalized in wax and displayed in its San Francisco museum. The results are in, and it looks like America wants to see the iconic co-founder of Apple Steve “Woz” Wozniak turned into a work of art.

This is the official temporary fix by Apple for iOS Messages app crash and reboot bug on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Step by Step instructions are included.

As part of its on-going efforts to revolutionize the way online retailers are perceived and to dominate the world of online purchasing, Amazon is now offering free-of-charge same day delivery to those who are subscribed to its Prime service in 500 different cities.

The Internet of Things is one of those ideas that has been around for a while but hasn’t really come to proper fruition yet. Google seems to think that it can be the one to sort that problem out, even though it already tried back in 2011 and then quietly killed the project off. Maybe the second time is a charm.

With Google I/O 2015 currently underway we can be sure of plenty of big announcements coming out of the developer event, but there will also be one or two smaller ones that while not likely to change the world nevertheless should not be underestimated. One such announcement is the availability of Google Cardboard for iOS.

Pixelmator, the extremely popular Mac image editing and manipulation app has today come to the iPhone after initially making its iOS debut on the iPad back in October of last year. The new iPhone app is actually that same iPad app but converted into a universal app, meaning anyone who already owns Pixelmator for iPad now also owns Pixelmator for iPhone.

You can download Android M 6.0 developer preview links for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. We have the direct links for the files right here.

Thursday, May 28, Google took to stage at the I/O 2015 conference to unveil some upcoming new features for Android wear, including WiFi support, always-on apps, new launcher, emojis, wrist gestures, glance-able apps, and much more. All in the hopes of making Android Wear much better than what it is already. And all that you’d find […]

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