Here’s how you can fix OS X 10.10 Yosemite slow Wi-Fi issue by disabling AWDL via Terminal. Complete details can be found right here.

Here are the best Black Friday 2014 Apple deals on iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro.

With $130 worth of free Android apps floating about at the moment courtesy of Amazon, it’s a great time to own a device running Google’s mobile software. As it transpires, the Black Friday bonanza also means that it’s a pretty decent time to upgrade your hardware, and if you want to snap up a new Android smartphone, we’ve scoured the Web to source some of the very best deals going.

When Microsoft announced Windows 10 at a low-key event in San Francisco, not much was revealed on the consumer front. And now, it seems the software giant is planning to hold an event early next year, where it would reveal all there is regarding Windows 10 and the new exciting features that it would bring.

If you’re looking to keep track of all the best deals this Black Friday, we’ve got your back here. In a continuation of our coverage on the numerous deals being offered in the world of tech during the course of the next few days, below you’ll find a list of the very best deals pertaining to Microsoft and its product line-up. From Surface tablets to Xbox consoles, there’s something for everyone, and with next month’s holiday season in mind, now would be a very good time to go ahead and make the purchase.

So, with Thanksgiving now upon us, it’s likely that many of you have already spent a great deal on new smartphones, tablets, and of course, food and drink. But app devs are also joining in the shenanigans of today and the rest of the weekend, making huge price cuts that allow app shoppers to snap up some incredible bargains, and having just brought you a long list of paid iOS apps gone free, we’re back with another run-down of Android apps to be had at no cost.

I think that the jailbreak community has already excelled itself in terms of the quality and sheer tenacity of the tweaks we’ve seen since Pangu8 was rolled out last month, and with seemingly no end to how iOS can be manipulated, one ambitious developer has begun a project to port the external CarPlay software onto iPhones and iPads. Essentially, instead of using a standard infotainment system, a user would feasibly be able to mount their iOS device and use that as the complete in-auto CarPlay system, and although it’s quite buggy and not yet ready for prime time, it’s very promising indeed.

As most of you will know, today is Thanksgiving, and with many consumer electronics retailers offering special deals on products ranging from consoles to smartphones, app developers have also followed suit with some fantastic savings. Here, we run through a colossal list of iOS apps – almost 20 in total – that are usually paid but, for a limited time, have gone completely free of charge.

Here’s a complete guide on how to stop Twitter from tracking which apps you have installed on your iPhone or Android device.

The White House has announced that President Obama has signed the E-Label Act which will now allow all electronics manufacturers to place digital stamps of certification labels on their devices as required by the FCC, instead of the usual physical etching on the product itself.

Google has a history of packing in small little surprises from time to time in some of its services. Android users wouldn’t be too new to the whole Easter Egg feature which Google hides away in its mobile platform, but did you know that it cleverly packed in a fun little gem in the Chrome browser? It’s a retro styled game if you were wondering.

As we approach the festive shopping season, potentially one of Apple’s most lucrative sales periods in recent times, the Cupertino giant has released another TV ad focusing on the recently released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The video has been given the title “Voice Text” and follows hot on the heels of the fifth and sixth commercials featuring the voice and endorsements of celebrity A-listers Justin Timberlake and The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon.

Facebook’s Chat Heads feature, which was rolled out to Android and iOS some time ago, has become a staple part of the experience of using Messenger on mobile. Sure, it’s much more integrated on Google’s platform due to its open-source nature of Android, but nonetheless, Chat Heads is regarded as a seamless addition to the IM app in general. Since its arrival, many developers have sought to offer something similar for other apps, and one jailbreak dev has taken the idea and manipulated it into an all-new multitasking system for iPhone and iPad. It’s easily one of the most intuitive and novel tweaks we’ve seen during these past few months, adding a new dimension to multitasking on iOS, and if you’re still dwelling on that fence, this tweak may well sway you into the world of jailbreaking at last.

A new concept has emerged for the iPhone 6S, which shows the device carrying a design language strikingly similar to the Apple Watch. Dubbed as the ‘iPhone EDITION’, it’s one of those daring concepts that takes a bold approach towards design and function.

After years of begging for it, Notification Center’s relatively recent addition to iOS arguably came far too late in the game when compared to the feature that often led people to call Android the king of notifications. Right now, with iOS 8 still fresh in the memory, users of Notification Center will have their own thoughts on where the feature is headed. Now very much part of OS X Yosemite, Notification Center isn’t likely to go anywhere soon.

Black Friday is now just a couple of days away, and with so many retailers preparing to reel in consumers ahead of Thanksgiving weekend, the deals will continue to roll through. MacMall has just joined the party with some sensational offers on products ranging from Macs to iPhones and everything in between, and if it’s an Apple product that you’re after this Thanksgiving, then the details of these confirmed savings will certainly interest you.

Apple iOS 9 concept for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch comes with tons of new features and perks. Check out what’s new right here in the proposed concept.

Apple’s iTunes Radio hasn’t really taken off since launching alongside iOS 7, and given the Mac maker’s position among the pioneers of the digital music revolution, it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs. Still, this week and weekend is all about Thanksgiving (read: free stuff), and courtesy of Verizon, interested parties can score themselves access to iTunes Radio without the usually featured ads. Moreover, there’s also $5 of iTunes Store credit to be snapped up for a limited time only, and if you want to join in this bonanza, check out the details after the fold.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are packed with an array of different sensors; some of which we take for granted cause hey, you paid over $600 for this beauty. But given the range of sensors they carry, both the devices offer possibilities to developers that maybe, just maybe Apple didn’t realize either. Ivo Leko has just posted a video on YouTube which capitalizes on the iPhone’s magnetometer, accelerometer and microphone to demonstrate how programs can be written to track a magnet’s position straight from your iPhone.

Google and Apple’s partnership has been a shaky one at best, especially when it comes to iOS devices. Earlier on, Apple dropped Google Maps integration from iOS as the default maps and navigation app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in favor of its own Maps app, and YouTube was pulled from the list of stock apps as well, forcing Google to make both of these apps user-downloadable ones from the App Store. Now, it seems, that the default search provider for iOS Safari browser is up for grabs as well, as Google’s contract is close to termination, and sources say that Bing and Yahoo! are both vying for the top spot.

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