When it was announced that Intel was giving its Haswell line of CPUs a speed bump very recently, the smart money immediately went on those chips finding their way into Apple’s MacBook Pro and, if this leaked photograph is to be believed, that’s exactly what is going to happen.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 has taken the platform to new heights thanks to a range of improvements over previous versions, but the software giant isn’t ready to call it a day just yet. Already working on the next update to Windows Phone, dubbed as GDR1, and expected to release it soon, here are the upcoming features that consumers and phone makers can expect to begin shipping on new devices.

There’s a certain voyeurism that goes along with sharing screenshots of home screens. In fact, we’re as guilty as anyone in that regard after our post yesterday which showed the home screens of the RP team’s phones. That post proved as popular as we knew it would, and there are even web sites that are aimed at sharing what tech celebrities have on their home screens, and we love them as much as everyone else.

If mobile security is something that you’re usually concerned about, then you must have seen the recent news about certain vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS mobile operating system that can potentially leave user data of very personal nature vulnerable to forensic snooping for people looking in the right places. Although the Cupertino tech giant had responded to these allegations earlier, they have today released a new statement that gives a detailed breakdown of the under question diagnostic services and affirms Apple’s position as being user privacy conscious and not putting it at risk for any third parties.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone is still playing catch-up with the competition, but it does have some benefits that even iOS and Android can’t quite manage to put together. Windows Phone’s Joe Belfiore has tweeted about one new feature that is on its way to Windows Phone and that can now be added to any Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone via a downloadable app.

We’re doing something really different today, and to make it more fun and interactive for everyone, we’d love to see some input from our readers on this one.

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for iPhone brought the pastime of logging sleep data and behavior to the mainstream, and having seen a bunch of apps and technologies emerge since then, companies and start-ups are now looking to up the ante. One group of individuals have dreamed up a very alluring, orb-like product that not only glows in the dark and looks amazing, but also does a pretty good job of monitoring you while you catch those all-important Zs.

The deals just keep on coming for those rocking an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and once again, we’re back with a handful of freebies for iOS device owners. There are five in all, but what this list may not have in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Check out each app, with original price and download link, right after the break.

Earlier on last month, we caught a glimpse of Dance Party, an intriguing little game that allowed Apple TV users to enjoy the popular genre of motion-detected dance moves using their iPhones. It was an interesting concept that had never been attempted before, and having teased us with a trailer back when it was first announced in June, has just become available over at the App Store. Below, you’ll find the usual details as well as that all-important download link.

It remains to be seen whether there’s a legitimate market for head-mounted, augmented reality devices, but as ever, Google is having a pretty good go at building a suitable device for this emerging space. The Explorer Edition of Google Glass has just spread its wings to the United Kingdom, opening the door to a wider roll-out in the run-up to the eventual consumer-end release, but while Glass is commanding the lion’s share of coverage, plenty of other companies are working on something similar. Lenovo, to whom the Big G recently sold Motorola, has a product on the go that looks almost identical, and having just taken the wraps off the unnamed HUD, also gave a very brief overview.

There’s a new service in town that hopes to make our hotel room-buying experience a more informed affair, especially if functional Wi-Fi is high on your list of priorities.

The iPhone 6 leaks have been arriving thick and fast these past few weeks, with the manufacturing process now apparently in full swing. Today, we’re getting a look at what is claimed to be the upcoming Apple handset’s logic board, which offers details on the Wi-Fi hardware as well as clues on the NFC implementation.

With the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, it was inevitable that a title for mobile devices would follow suit, and the accompanying game of the same name as the film has just hit the download channels for iOS and Android.

Samsung was solely responsible for creating the “phablet” genre of mobile devices when it announced the original Galaxy Note at IFA Berlin in 2011. A device that combined the large screen of a tablet with the traditional functionality of a smartphone seemed like a great idea at the time; and even worked extremely well in practice thanks to the execution of the idea with the Galaxy Note series. However, it seems that Samsung simply isn’t happy with the state of the phablet market and have taken things to the next ridiculous level by launching a 7-inch device that it expects consumers to make and receive voice calls on.

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users stroll through the App Store on a weekly basis to see what creation has been chosen to be Apple’s “App of the week”. As you might expect, there’s been some truly fantastic and innovative offerings that have managed to grab the title. There’s also been some truly lackluster creations that have made us all scratch our heads in amazement. This week however, it’s hard to imagine anyone arguing with the decision, especially if you are a child of the 80s, as Apple’s App Store team has chosen to select Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run as the app of the week.

The latest rumor related to the ever intriguing world of Apple hardware is suggesting that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will be the only new device ready for launch this September. The Cupertino giant is expected to announce a media event to take place in September, with the intention being to launch new mobile hardware later on in the month. If the latest leaks coming out of the Far East turn out to be true, then production of the larger 5.5-inch iPhone and all new iPad hardware could be delayed until September at the earliest.

The United States House of Representatives has taken the opportunity to unanimously pass a bill that finally declares the act of unlocking a cellphone to be perfectly legal. The bill, which passed through the Senate, overturns last year’s decision to continue to make unlocking cellphones illegal, and is expected to be signed into law by President Obama’s administration.

Although our mobile devices seem to offer an endless list of great features and perks that, even some five or so years ago, we could only have dreamed about, there remains a great deal that our much-lauded smartphones and tablets simply aren’t capable of. Now thermal imaging isn’t something that consumers are necessarily crying out for, but as anybody else who played Splinter Cell will be able to vouch, having such abilities in real life would be pretty darned cool. Thanks to one company, iPhone users will soon be able to experience thermal imaging by attaching a contraption known as a FLIR, or forward-looking infra-red device, to the back, and on first glance, we’re certainly impressed.

It’s the end of the week, and what better way to cap it off than with a bunch of apps just gone free over at the App Store? Below, we’ve a list of 8 in total, so fire up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device and let’s get up and running.

Along with the many, many enjoyable new titles that manifest themselves over at the different app stores on a daily basis, developers have sought to appeal to nostalgic gamers with a series of remakes, spin-offs and ports of those older, yet still much-loved classics. The King of Fighters ’98 is one such title, and in case you hadn’t already guessed, has just been released for those rocking an iOS on an Android device. Details, as well as the information on where you can download the game, can be seen below.

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