Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.2 beta 2 and 1, making upgrade and jailbreak impossible for iPhone, iPad users. More details can be found here.

Another day, another leak; such is the story of Samsung’s Project Zero as of late. The Galaxy S6 has just been plastered all over the Internet yet again as an image of Sprint’s promotional material for Samsung’s upcoming flagship gets posted online. Head over the jump for the photo and further details on the S6’s arrival.

Apple is reportedly planning to set iOS 8.2 release date for next Monday, after keeping its mobile software in beta for quite a while. Head over the jump for further details on this news.

The Apple Watch is, without a doubt, the most anticipated wearable of 2015, and now we have CEO Tim Cook talking about how the device will become more than just a limited functionality gadget some time into its release.

Back in the earlier days of jailbreaking, TinyUmbrella was an invaluable tool. Used to extract certain device-specific files and preserve them for safe-keeping, its primary use was to create pseudo servers from which iOS users could restore / update to software that Apple was no longer signing. Put simply, Apple stepped up to the mark, essentially nullifying the usefulness of TinyUmbrella almost completely, but now, its author has defiantly outlined his intention to restore it to its former glory.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has proven itself to be an iPhone 6 ripoff even before launch, thanks to a flurry of leaked images floating around the Web, and today we’re learning that the device may ship with a new pair of earphones, bearing striking resemblance to Apple’s EarPods.

Social networks offer a means for folk to express their feelings on a public forum, but while, for the most part, status updates on Facebook consist of the odd gripe or in-depth detailing of one’s daily schedule, there are occasions where those upset, depressed, or otherwise feeling low, may wish to share more ominous, worrisome sentiments. When this occurs, there’s often that fear that an individual isn’t in a well state of mind, and may be considering taking their own life, and with Facebook connecting well over one-sixth of the world’s population, the Menlo Park firm has now added some features that may prove life-saving.

Google is offering half a dozen live recorded songs as free downloads to celebrate the recent BRIT Awards. You can get your hands on them right now by visiting the Google Play Store.

We’re all very much in Apple Watch mode right now, and with Apple having just sent invitations out for a March 9th event at which it will go into greater detail about its upcoming smartwatch, we offer no apology for that fact. Beyond the March 9th media event though there is little else concrete about the watch, which probably explains why we are all so interested in seeing what Apple has to say.

Apple has broadened the horizons of its native mapping service by bringing animated 3D imaging to Maps. Beginning in London with landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye, it adds a nice, real-time feel to browsing in three dimensions, and in due course, should reach other major cities and iconic structures across the world.

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, has approved a set of new rules on how Internet traffic is to be managed and regulated, after commissioners voted 3-2 in its favor. Many, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, have spoken of their delight at the ruling, with The Woz himself calling it a win for “the average Joe.”

A short while ago, Apple confirmed the widely-suspected notion that it would soon be holding a special media event, having just sent out invitations for a gathering at the Yerba Buena on March 9th. Most of the time, these keynotes are beamed out to the masses, although occasionally, Apple does surprise us by not streaming live. In this instance, though, interested parties will be able to follow the thrills and spills of the ‘Spring forward’ event as it happens, with Apple having just confirmed that live streams will be available.

It’s not uncommon for Google Play Store apps to go free for a limited time, but it is rare for nigh-on 150 apps drop their prices all in one fell swoop. Below, we have a list of 134 Android apps waiting to be downloaded, and if you like a bargain, this tidy collection saves you hundreds of dollars off the usual retail price.

LG had announced the Watch Urbane Android Wear powered luxury smartwatch a while back to take on the Apple Watch. Clad in metal and gaining a gold color option, news has broken out that LG is also prepping the release of a Watch Urbane variant, one with LTE and NFC chips under the hood. Head over the jump to find out what else LG is changing with this variant.

Apple has just sent out press invites for an event to be held on March 9th with the tagline “Spring forward.” It is being speculated that the event will focus on the Apple Watch, and hopefully we’ll get to know the pricing and other details.

The Apple Watch has just gotten the treatment which is familiar to us when it comes to the iPhone or iPad lineup of devices. Brikk, the luxury and couture product design company has just announced an array of luxury models of the Apple Watch that will be available to consumers once it is officially released in April. For further details on this development, read on.

Behold! The all new Samsung Galaxy S6 wallpaper has just been leaked online, and is roughly something right out of a Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge phablet. Head over the jump for the wallpaper and further details.

Microsoft takes us on a journey into the future in another one of its Future Vision videos, this time targeted at productivity. A pretty cool video, I wouldn’t advise anyone to hold their breath over getting hands-on experience with such tech any time soon. Head over the jump to see what Microsoft sees the computing future as.

Here’s how you can download official Windows 7 ISO file (x86 / x64) from Microsoft completely legally. More details on how to do so can be found here.

This great wireless printing app for iPhone and iPad has gone free for a limited period of time – usually costs $6.99. If you print to a wireless printer from your iPhone or iPad, then this is an app you definitely want.

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