Amazon is taking its one-click ordering system to greater heights with the introduction of Dash Buttons, which also happens to be a follow up to last year’s ‘Dash’ – a remote scanning device. Head over for more information on how Amazon is gearing up to target regular grocery shoppers by offering an intuitive way of ordering products.

It was only inevitable that a knockoff of the Samsung Galaxy S6 would make an appearance. The very first clone – of what we guess is the start of a few more to come – is actually a pretty neat copy of the original, so read on for images and more information on this Galaxy S6 knockoff.

Original Auxo, the powerful and intricate multitasking tweak that launched over two years ago, practically reinvented background app switching and formed the foundational DNA for today’s native multitasking within iOS. While Auxo 2 and Auxo 3 for iOS 7 and iOS 8 respectively have been good in what they did, none of them ever came close to the awesomeness of the original version. Today’s release Auxo LE, where LE stands for Legacy Edition, brings back the old goodness from the original to iOS 8 devices.

Amazon is considered the foremost online retailer, and while its position remains strong, the company has spent the past few months adding a number of new features to underline its status as the authority. Following the roll-out of the one-hour delivery services in select locations, the expansion continues with today’s unveiling of Amazon Home Services, a […]

For years, the tech media has used the drop test as a way of measuring the durability of our beloved mobile devices, and with the HTC One M9 hitting the consumer market, how does it fare against Apple’s 6-month-old iPhone 6 in the ultimate battle of ruggedness? Below, you can see both handsets put through their paces under a number of stresses and strains, and if you’re on the fence as to which of these two deserves your cold, hard cash, then maybe this clip will offer added perspective.

Google’s Chromecast burst onto the scene back in 2013, and with an incredibly cheap price tag and simple functionality, has offered many standard television sets a degree of smart TV functionality. Today, another compact, HDMI-based product has been announced by the Big G, and this one will turn your TV into an all-singing Chrome PC for under a hundred bucks.

WhatsApp voice calling on Android is now a feature which is available to each and every user out there, and in order to access it, you don’t have to jump through hoops and loops like you used to before. For more details on this, head past the jump.

With newly released Multify jailbreak tweak, you can get true and intuitive side-by-side multitasking in iOS 8, running on iPhone or iPad. More details can be found right here.

Microsoft has just announced the Surface 3 tablet, which is a cheaper, slightly small and lesser capable sibling of the powerful Surface Pro 3. Thinner and much lighter than the Pro 3, head over the jump to check out more on Microsoft’s new offering in its tablet-hybrid lineup which also includes a truly important software change.

WWE 2K from 2K Games has been announced and will make its way to iOS and Android devices this spring. The game, which will cost $7.99, but as yet doesn’t have a more concrete launch date than a whole season will join other 2K titles on the App Store and Play Store.

Microsoft’s Spartan Web browser for Windows 10 build 10049 is now available to download. More on Project Spartan, and details on where to download it from can be found right here.

Apple is now accepting non-iOS devices as a part of its Reuse and Recycling Program, and the facility is available to those residing in the United States, Canada, and several European countries as well. Head over the jump to learn more about the expansion of this program which now covers various Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

The first alleged 4-inch iPhone 6c photos have been leaked. There have been rumors about the 4-inch iPhone going around the Web since after the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but lately the device’s existence has been sketchy at best. The new photos however seem to suggest otherwise, so head over the jump for more on this news.

Ah, the iPad Pro. It’s an enigma that has continued to elude us for many a year, and like Apple’s supposed connected TV effort, has yet to materialize. When something is rumored ad infinitum but is scarcely leaked, as is the case with the higher-end iPad Pro, it does draw a fair bit of skepticism, but with the likes of Microsoft and Samsung having come through large-screened slates dripping with power, it seems reasonable that Apple will follow suit at some stage. Here, another dummy leak throws up the rather interesting theory that the device could include a secondary Lighting / USB-C port on the side of the body, which would, ironically, exceed the solitary connection point of the new 12-inch Retina MacBook.

The Apple Watch Sport, without beating around the bush, is the bog-standard, entry-level model that will arrive at the cheapest price when it debuts on April 24th. Given that it costs less than the rest of the pack – some of which comfortably reach the tens of thousands if you’re looking at the Watch Edition range – it’s likely to sell in the highest volume, but if you want to grab the Sport variant, you can always spice it with a nicer looking band. The image below illustrates how the Watch and Watch Sport will likely appear when changed up with various different band configurations.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S5: official specs comparison sheet compares both devices head to head. More details and chart can be found after the break.

Here’s a features and specs comparison of Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy Note 4. More details and comparison chart can be found right here after the break.

Microsoft has revealed release date of Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One, along with a duo of live-action trailers. More details on the matter can be found right here.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge durability test videos – drop and water submersion – have started to appear online. You can watch them right here.

WhatsApp for iPhone update with voice calling feature gets a release time-frame, and will be available to download very soon. More details on the news can be found here.

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