Picking up great pair or earphones is always an enjoyable experience, but doing it while saving a packet is even better. That’s the opportunity you’re faced with right now thanks to the Status Audio IEM-2X.

Apple has updated its technical specifications for the 2018 MacBook Air, as first noted by a user over on Reddit. The specs now note that the updated MacBook Air includes a display with a maximum brightness of 400 nits, a big improvement over the 300 nits the display was capable of.

Amazon seemingly wants to take over the world. In a nice, non-dramatic and world-ending way, of course. It’s doing that by cornering the online shopping market, expanding into other areas, gobbling up businesses, and, of course, having its own extensive range of hardware. In order to convince consumers to bring more Amazon gear into their homes, the company is offering an extensive sale of its Fire-branded hardware.

Apple and the Qualcomm found themselves in court this week over an ongoing patent dispute that had turned very, very ugly. The two companies have kissed and made up, however, in a move that has taken many by surprise.

Apple could allow the iPad to be used as an external display and run Mac apps with macOS 10.15. Here’s what we know about this so far.

You’re probably already familiar with the name Crosstour from the deals we’ve shared for the company’s dash cams, but there’s much more going on over there than that. If you’re a fan of big-screen action then you’re going to be particularly interested in Crosstour’s mini LED projector and tripod, both of which we have deals on today.

ESR is a brand that has been around a good long while now, and it’s one that we’ve been super impressed by in the past. So when we heard that the company had not one, but two new deals to share, we took notice. Both of them make it easier to get power into your phones, tablets, and more and you’re not going to want to miss out.

PlayStation 5 specs, features, and approximate release date window has just been announced by Sony. Here are all the details on this you need to know about.

Amazon has clearly found itself in the mood to dish out savings with the online behemoth offering discount up to $199 on the latest crop of Apple iPad Pros. For what is likely to be a limited period of time, the company is offering discounts on multiple iPad configurations.

Logitech has just announced an Alexa-powered Harmony Express universal remote for the connected home. Here are the details.

The well-designed and extremely useful Anker Bolder LC30 LED-based flashlight is currently being offered via Amazon for under $10.00. This is the first time we’ve seen this particular Anker product discounted, bringing it down to an extremely appealing price point for a very useful accessory.

Charging your Apple Pencil with the iPad could interfere with your car key fob signals, says Apple. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

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