You Can Now Download ADB And Fastboot Tools Without SDK Or Android Studio

You can now directly download Android ADB and Fastboot tools for your Mac, Linux, or Windows PC without SDK or Android Studio download. Here’s what you need to know.

Sideloading over-the-air updates or flashing new ROMs may be the kind of thing only the most determined of hardcore Android users are likely to attempt, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve an easier way of getting hold of the tools they need in order to do the job.


That’s why Google has now finally made available two of the tools required to fiddle with the Android operating system on smartphones and tablets, with the software available to download now.

Previously, users had to get hold of a copy of the ADB (Android Device Bridge) and Fastboot tools themselves, which usually required the installation of the full Android Studio development suite, which was a bit overkill for what they actually needed to do. There have historically been unofficial ways of getting the ADB and Fastboot tools, but they were often older packages and nobody could ever truly confirm their legitimacy.

Google’s move to offer the tools itself removes an ambiguity, legitimizing the whole process. The arrival of the two tools as a separate download from the development suite, is thanks to two Googlers, as explained via a Google+ post.

Ever wanted to download adb or fastboot without having to download the whole of Android Studio?…but didn’t want to download executables from some random warez site?

These links will always return the adb/fastboot binaries currently shipping with Android Studio. No need to guess what the current version is, or update your own links: just follow these and get the latest binaries, direct from the source.

This is thanks to Siva Velusamy and Kevin Quinn.


The downloads, part of a 3.5MB file downloadable now, are available for all major platforms as mentioned earlier: Mac, Linux and Windows. Of course as you would have already guessed, it’s a free download. You can grab the file for your platform from the links embedded below.

On behalf of everyone who has ever had to download these tools the old fashioned way, thank you Googlers!

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