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Nowadays, it seems like everybody wants to make dazzling pictures and videos and post them on social media platforms. Now, imagine this scenario. You download something from other websites and want to re-edit and share them with your friends or post on TikTok, but find there is a significant and eye-catching logo sticking to it.

Do you want to hide the watermark to avoid distracting and enhance feelings? Here you are at the right place!

Many software and online solutions allow you to get rid of the watermark in a high-efficient way. WorkinTool Watermark Eraser is an easy-to-use and free watermark remover.

In this article, you will learn about WorkinTool Watermark Eraser specifications, pros and cons, capabilities, and how it helps you to remove watermarks from videos and images.

General Specification

WorkinTool Watermark Eraser Basics

WorkinTool Watermark Eraser is a professional watermark remover based on Windows. As one of the leading products in the WorkinTool family—a professional office software company, it continues the traditional style of practicing features based on a long-term free trial. After downloading and installing, you will see an intuitive interface without registration. Its mature technology enables users to remove watermarks from videos and images without any blur in a few seconds. In addition, it also works as video editing software, capable of video trimming, video resizing, image editing, and image rotating.


In this section, we will elaborate on the main features of WorkinTool Watermark Eraser that can help you. And show how to remove unwanted watermarks like logos, images, stamps, and text from photos and videos. Additional features such as adding watermarks and editing images are also introduced.

Remove watermark from photo

After installing this watermark remover tool, you need to press Remove watermark from image and import a photo into this application. There are four remove modes attainable, AI, Smooth, Edge, and Texture. After choosing a remove mode, then frame select or paint the watermarks. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out the image and fine-tune the dewatermarking area. Even a photo with multiple watermarks can be erased in one go. When you are satisfied with the outcome, click on Save to export the image.

  • AI: It is the default watermark removing mode, calculated by AI technology, to give the most natural effect.
  • Smooth: It uses edge pixels to remove watermarks from a single color image in a speedy time.
  • Edge: This mode is also suitable for pictures with a single color. It can pick colors from the selection and fill the watermark from the inside to the outside.
  • Texture: Compared with Smooth and Edge, the Texture mode is more natural and suits mixed-color images.

Remove watermark from video

For video watermark removal, you need to use the Remove watermark from video feature. Then upload a video and create a selection. The time duration where you want to remove the watermark is adjustable. After making a selection and adjusting the time period, click Save to export the video. Still, it allows users to get rid of multiple watermarks at once if there are several watermarks in a video.

Add watermark to photo/video

In addition to removing watermarks from photos and videos, this watermark tool also allows users to add watermarks to images and videos. Text watermark and image watermark can be added at once without hassle. The watermark style, like color, font, size, angle, opacity, and layout, are at your disposal. You can choose only to add one watermark, tile it to the whole image, or insert different watermarks into an image or a video. Still, for adding a watermark to videos, it is feasible to choose which part you want the watermark to show on.

Edit image

WorkinTool Watermark Eraser covers nearly everything you need. Except for watermark processing, the image editing feature also comes into play. Find the Edit Image feature in the main interface and upload a picture. Then you can use this image editing tool to create stunning graphics without pressure. Its features include but are not limited to the following.

  • Crop an image to any size.
  • Resize a picture according to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter requirements.
  • Add filters, frames, overlays, stickers, and text to a photo.
  • Draw on an image.
  • Blur a picture.
  • Adjust picture colors, exposure, saturation, etc.

Final Verdict

After testing this watermark remover, we have to say that WorkinTool Watermark Eraser is worth a try. Its intuitive interface, effective features, fast running speed, and free pricing win much popularity among users. If you are a Windows user, don’t miss this practical tool.

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