White iPhone 5 KIRF Emerges In China Before Official Launch [VIDEO]

Well, the Chinese knock-off makers are certainly quick off the mark. Despite the products always falling well short of the real deal in terms of features, the fact is, you don’t have to wait around for seemingly decades for a new one to pop up.


We reported just yesterday of the first iPhone 5 knockoff from China which has incorporated many of the physical attributes said to be in the pipeline for the soon-to-be-released device. Initially it was believed that Apple’s upcoming device was going to be in the image of the current iPhone 4, but recent speculation suggests a more 3GS style look, with a curved back.

In an attempt to capitalize on these recent reports, the bootleggers very quickly mustered a black "iPhone 5", which gave us an idea, albeit vague, of what it may look like if the rumor mill is anything to go by.

Now, merely a day later, a video of a white version which appears virtually identical to the said fake has surfaced. Although most of us wouldn’t seriously consider running a product from such an disreputable source, it is refreshing to see some quick-fire releases as opposed to the, "will they, won’t they?" saga demonstrated by Apple leading up to the white model iPhone 4. By the time it had finally reached fruition, many of those who desperately wanted a white iPhone had found ways to achieve their goal through the many conversion kits scattered across the internet.

It’s important to remember that the whole notion of a curved design is a relatively recent one, and it shows how much those behind the KIRF’s have come on. A new level of audacity was reached when it was revealed that China was home to a couple of fake Apple Stores, and although they were closed down, it was a rather incredible insight into the scale of fraudulent goods exchanged in China.

Technologically, no details have emerged on the specs of this device, although if it is indeed a clone of the black one we showed you yesterday, then it comes pre-loaded with a Java-based OS, Wi-Fi, dual camera’s and supposedly 64GB of internal memory – something which one suspects wouldn’t go down badly if Apple did feel like throwing a few more GB’s into its next model.

With a month to go to the anticipated launch, there will undoubtedly one or two more fakes such as these cropping up. The real deal is not far off, and the sooner Jobs and Co. "changes everything again", the better.

(via 9to5Mac)

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