Supposed iPhone 5 Schematics Detail iPhone 3GS Like Curved Back, Larger Home Button, + Other Features

Aside from iOS 5, nobody knows exactly what will feature on the next iPhone installment, except Apple of course. Speculation has been rife, with many conflicting suggestions of what is and what isn’t going to feature. MobileFun has released some supposed iPhone 5 schematic diagrams which are said to outline key design properties of the eagerly awaited device.

As I am sure you’ll agree, from the top, bottom and side view, the device looks remarkably similar to Apple’s previous offering, the iPhone 3GS. The back is said to be curved in an iPad 2-like manner, which goes against the notion that the upcoming device will look very much like the company’s current flagship smartphone, with a few minor changes. The design of the iPhone 4 has received good press since it’s launch and it seems unlikely that the final design will look anything like this portrayal.

Another feature depicted, the larger screen, is the one that many in the know seem certain will come along with the next device. The general consensus is that the screen will be in the region of 3.7-4 inches. The current retina display packs a decent punch at 3.5 inches for its highly-celebrated 640×960 display, a massive improvement on the previous iPhone. While 0.2-0.5 inches doesn’t seem like a great deal larger, in smartphone screen terms, it is a pretty significant up-size. Is Apple preparing to outdo itself again and improve an already very good screen?

Aside from the display, it appears that the home button will also be subject to a size increase. This certainly makes sense if the rumors of a the home button being gesture based are anything to go by.  Indeed, the schematics do have all of the hallmarks of one particular concept which came out in April, see here.

Apple is very good at keeping plans under wraps. It remains to be seen what the fifth iPhone, which will compliment the latest version of what it describes as the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system,” will bring. Apple whet our appetites by releasing the details of the vital changes iOS 5 will bring along, including the notifications center, which will finally allow users to organize alerts in an orderly fashion, rather than have a continual barrage of push notifications and many apps stamped with that rather unsightly badge.

When it is announced though, it will be covered in depth here at Redmond Pie so stay tuned!

(via 9to5mac)

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