64GB iPhone 4 To Put In An Appearance Soon?

Speculation before the iPhone 4 was announced was that the handset would be available in both 32GB and 64GB models, but alas Apple settled on the 16GB and 32GB variations we have today. According to sources of former Engadgeteer Chris Ziegler though, we could be in for a higher capacity model after all.

The information also comes via a third party Verizon reseller called Russell Cellular who has been circulating a memo that makes mention of a 64GB iPhone 4. As Ziegler points out, it’s entirely possible this is a typo, though the aforementioned sources believe not.

The latest tidbit comes courtesy of third-party Verizon retailer Russell Cellular, which has been circulating a memo this week referencing a 64GB capacity in the same breath as the old 32. We’ve now gotten the same memo (albeit in different formats) from multiple tipsters.

While the next iteration of Apple’s iconic handset is obviously in the works – with a release anticipated later this year – Apple has shown with the release of its Verizon handset that they are not adverse to bringing out new variations on an old theme mid product cycle. The same goes for the white handset, which many believed wouldn’t make its way into the hands of eager punters until the next model arrived.

Is this part of Apple’s celebrations of its retail store’s 10th anniversary? Possibly, but we’re not convinced. Would it not have made sense to release a larger capacity alongside the white model?

Of course, this is Apple and all sense can and indeed does, go out the window.

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