Video Estimates How Much Faster iPhone 8 Will Be Compared To iPhone 7

This iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 video aims to give us a feel of how much faster Apple’s upcoming smartphone will be compared to the current-gen model. Here are the details.

If you are reading this, then you are no doubt already very much up to speed on the latest stories regarding the iPhone 8 and what it may or may not feature when it is finally announced next month.

While we can pretty much guarantee that the new iPhone will be blazing fast thanks to a new A11 CPU, we can’t really get a feel for what that will mean when we get one of the smartphones in our hands. Actually, that may not necessarily be accurate anymore after YouTuber PhoneBuff released a video that claims to give us at least a feel for what the iPhone 8 will perform like.

If you cast your minds back a year, a similar video was released in which an iPhone 6s and an iPad Pro were compared via the now-familiar suite of app launch-based testing. The theory was that by comparing the iPad Pro with the most recent iPhone, we were able to get an inkling for how the new iPhone would perform as the iPad Pro carried the most advanced CPU available in any iOS device at the time. The game currently stands for the new iPad Pro, too, with its A10X chip. With that in mind, the iPad Pro should again give us an idea as to how fast the iPhone 8 will perform when put up against the iPhone 7.

So, with that theory nailed down, let the testing commence. We won’t go into detail as to the outcome of the testing, but what we will say is that if this is any indication of how fast the iPhone 8 will be when compared to the iPhone 7, then we can’t wait to get one of these things in our hands!

Check the full PhoneBuff video out for yourselves!

(Source: PhoneBuff [YouTube])

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